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    All Cav VC army challenge

    Ok, so I've got LOTS of Black Knights (Lances and Barding), 5 Blood knights, 40+ Direwolves, and 10 Hex Wraiths. 2200 points with a Cursed Bretonnian army feel to it. I don't have the book yet, and I'm dying to come up with an army to field for a tournament in 2-3 weeks. No new 8th ed...
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    Ard Boyz Results

    3000 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster - Ghouls in the shadows Vampire Lord (1#, 390 pts) . . 1 Vampire Lord @ 390 pts (General; Vampire; Level 3 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Undead) . . . . 1 Charmed Shield . . . . 1 Talisman of Preservation . . . . 1 Forbidden Lore (Shadow) . . . . 1 Master of the...
  3. Z

    Is a single Vargulf worth it?

    Pretty simple question. By themselves without any option for fielding 2 for lack of points, are they worth it? How are they best used?
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    Random subtle different things about 8th

    These are things I expect to have to explain to my opponents many times of the next year or so. 1. There is no more "sliding". I've had people tell me that I had to "maximize models" this is no longer the case. You get your free wheel, which cannot be used to reduce the number of models...
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    3000 points vs Warriors of Chaos

    Here's my list summary from Army Builder 3000 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster - Death in the Shadows Vampire Lord (1#, 380 pts) . . 1 Vampire Lord @ 380 pts (General; Vampire; Level 3 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Smoke and Mirrors; Undead) . . . . 1 Charmed Shield . . . . 1 Crown of the Damned ...
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    Fell Bats and WFB Cityfight? WTF?

    So, played a game tonight. I didn't play my optimal list, because I don't want to tip my hand. I want the list to be a bit of a surprise. Anyway, the game had 7 buildings, 2 anvils of vaul, and a sorcerous portal. This is what we rolled for terrain, and no we didn't make a mistake, a roll...
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    Rolling for spells - what order????

    Ok, so I've got Lvl 3 with MotBA and Forbidden Lore (Shadow) Lvl 4 with MotBA with Lore of Vampires a Necromancer with IoN and Vanhels Danse a Lvl 1 Vampire with a Power stone. Which vampire should I roll first to ensure that I get the spells that I want on my Lvl 4???
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    60 horde ghouls??? Am I crazy?

    I put this originally in my army list review, but I'm thinking that it might be more usefule here. I'm considering combining 2 units of 30 Ghouls into a massive 60 ghoul unit. Advantages * Combat resolution is only applied once for huge combats, so instead of losing 4 ghouls in 2 units for...
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    Forbidden Lore better than we are playing it?

    Ok, Pg. 39 "All Vampire characters can instinctively manipulate the Undead and so know the Invocation of Nehek spell. Other spells are generated from the Lore of the Vampires as detailed on page 39" Pg 82 "in addition to Invocation of Nehek, the Vampire knows all of the spells from...
  10. Z

    Another Ard Boyz list (3000 pts)

    Vampire Lord Earthing Rod, Talisman of Preservation, Helm of Commandment, MotBA, Forbidden Lore (death) - 390 points (joins skeletons) Vampire Lord Sword of Strife, Nightshroud, Potion of Strength, Infinite Hatred, Red Fury - 360 points (joins Ghouls) Necromancer VHDM, IoN, Dispel...
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    Zombies beyond horrible?

    After working to get raise dead in my list with Necromancers for the past couple of games I came to the realization that zombies are almost completely worthless. Unless created with Summon Undead Horde, they won't even survive a single combat phase in the current game. Sacrificing 50 VP to...
  12. Z

    Best vampire on Hellsteed

    So, I've got 3 of these beauties modeled up with glowing LED eyes, and some of my best conversion and painting work. What would be the best use for them? Are the just flat out bad anymore? One has a lance BTW. Anyone come up with cool combos with the new items or magic lores?
  13. Z

    Beguile vs Rank & File

    So, if I'm attacking Rank & File using Beguile, do you get re-rolls with all of your attacks, or just the first one?
  14. Z

    Ard Boyz 3000 points

    So for Ard Boyz, I think that my two strongest opponents will be fielding Empire (lots of Warmachines, a war-alter, a steam-tank, and lots of Knights), and the other will be fielding all Slaanesh Daemons. Please tell me what you think of this army list. The things that I'm concerned with are...
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    8th against Daemons and Empire

    So, in our local shop, the "players to beat" field Empire and an all Slaanesh Daemon army. The Daemon player will use several siren songs (3+ in a 3000 point game) and a Keeper of Secrets (made to be Lvl 4). The Empire player will likely use the pope-mobile and 2 steam tanks, along with as...