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  1. hairyjeff

    IoN on solo character?

    If a char is in a unit, only the unit is affected by IoN. But ,if he's standing alone, can IoN be cast on him as a one-man-unit? I know he'd only regain one wound, but still...
  2. hairyjeff

    "Ghost" in the machine?

    How come the site keeps telling me I've been logged in at odd times when I definitely haven't? I know so little about computer tech that I don't know where to start !
  3. hairyjeff

    Remember, Remember.

    Hi Bloodsuckers. Just a quicky to all of you in southern England......ITS BONFIRE TIME. All across Sussex, torchlit processions will be followed by outrageous fireworks, climaxing at LEWES on 5th November. It's anarchic, colourful, traditional and slightly insane. Come and support us if you can...
  4. hairyjeff

    Biggest game I've ever played

    I know it's silly, but we played a "run what ya got" game recently. The sort with no points limit, just use whatever models you've got. I'm not writing a battle rep( the game took 4 evenings from 6 til 11) but thought my army list might raise a few eyebrows. Oh, important point- my opponent is...