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    Show us your Tar pits(Zombies) and Corpse Carts

    RE: Show us your Tar pits(Zomibies) Here we go. The quality of the pictures are not the best, I'm afraid...
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    Countdown from 10,000

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    The risen dead: yet another undead army

    Very nice, especially the fell bats? WHAT are they??
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    2K against Greenskins

    Greetings Gents and Ladies! I plan to play a battle against Orcs and Goblins this monday (or rather, play a battle against a friend who collects Orcs and Goblins). He tends to use big blocks of boys (suprise), some night goblins with fanatics, trolls and bolt throwers. So here are my army...
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    How big is your Vampire Count army?

    About this big;) About 100-110 skeletons, 45 zombies, 15 ghouls, 20 grave guard, 9 dire wolfes, 11 black knights, five of these can count as blood knights, 4 spirit hosts, 8 wraiths, banshee, black coach, 5 fell bats, Giant Characters: Old Vlad, Isabella and Manfred...
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    Yay, Newbie Army!

    I think the wightlord need some more armor, if only mounted on a barded steed that's a 5+ armor save, which means that a champion might be able to kill him with some luck. Or does he have armor, only you didnt bother writing so;)?
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    2250 to fight

    I think this will work very well, the only weakness I can think of is the lack of cavalry and fast units. The vargulf and the zombie dragon cover this area to some point, but I think some dire wolfes would be fine.
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    2000 pts. - Input needed

    Seems good, one point through is that your rank and file troops are pretty weak, exept the GG (I dont have the new rules, but it seems so), even if aided by vamp #1&2 they may form a weak point in your line. Also I would consider swaping the two ghast for two more ghouls, unless you have a plan...
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    my vamp log

    oh! I really like the eyes and the armor of the vamp, how did you create the whip?
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    The Lords of the Night (and some Ladies)

    Here are some pics of the leaders of my undead horde, what do you think? Some vampires Some more vampires: I use the one in the middle as a blood dragon, and the thing crawling at his feet are a zombie-thingy rising from its grave...Then a Lamia and a von Carstein... A mounted von...
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    Mega Miniature Skeletons?

    Evening fellow undead! As GW nowaday takes £12 for ten skeletons, and £24 (!) for a decent 20-skellie regiment, I am considering buying some skeletons from mega miniatures. Their price for 24 metal skeletons is US$19.99. This means you can get skeletons for less than half of...
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    What are you listening to

    I used to listen to Amon Amarth, but I found a nazi-quote in one of their songs and stopped listening to them...At the moment l am listening to a lot of Behemoth (anyone heard their new album?), Marduk, Lord Belial and some In Flames and Satyricon.
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    WIP Beastmen of Tzeentch

    Hello all These are my Beastherd of Tzeentch, including some conversions. i decided that beastmen, especially tzeen-beasties, should be more chaotic and mutated than the original beastmen regiment, so I have tried to add some wierdness to the herd. The Herd: : some simpe...
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    GW Intellectual Property and Legal debate

    RE: Voltaire: Please inform me What i do not understand is, that it is legal to post army lists, where you can more or less se all point costs anyway.
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    The Count's Big Blog of Undeadness

    RE: Army of the Cairns: Update to VC's That's simply fantastic. Those zombies are so inspiring, make me want to run to my bitz box and try something myself:D I can't undrstand where you find all those alternative VC models, they look great!
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    BattleMap Program

    I can't make the link work, any one who knows how to find the program any other way? I had a battle yesterday and planned to post a battle report...
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    Possible Animated Hulk?

    That is a wonderfull idea Sid :D I'll try it as soon as I get my hand on another ogre
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    Possible Animated Hulk?

    Hello all What do you think about using this man here as a animated hulk from the zombie pirate list? For those not familiar with the zombie pirates, animated hulks are more or less zombie ogres (and among the few units in the list worth its points) So what do you think...
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    Whats the story with Vampire Counts and Vampire Coast?

    Arr! Thanks for the advice Agoz, I have been thinking hard on how to make the zombie pirate list work atleast fairly well...BTW, anyone got any idea on how to convert deck gunners?
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    BattleStandard Bearer Equipment

    On page 63, in the VC book, there is some rules about BSB:s. It says that the BSB "cannot chose any extra weapons, nor can be use a shield"