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    2K against Greenskins

    Greetings Gents and Ladies! I plan to play a battle against Orcs and Goblins this monday (or rather, play a battle against a friend who collects Orcs and Goblins). He tends to use big blocks of boys (suprise), some night goblins with fanatics, trolls and bolt throwers. So here are my army...
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    The Lords of the Night (and some Ladies)

    Here are some pics of the leaders of my undead horde, what do you think? Some vampires Some more vampires: I use the one in the middle as a blood dragon, and the thing crawling at his feet are a zombie-thingy rising from its grave...Then a Lamia and a von Carstein... A mounted von...
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    Mega Miniature Skeletons?

    Evening fellow undead! As GW nowaday takes £12 for ten skeletons, and £24 (!) for a decent 20-skellie regiment, I am considering buying some skeletons from mega miniatures. Their price for 24 metal skeletons is US$19.99. This means you can get skeletons for less than half of...
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    WIP Beastmen of Tzeentch

    Hello all These are my Beastherd of Tzeentch, including some conversions. i decided that beastmen, especially tzeen-beasties, should be more chaotic and mutated than the original beastmen regiment, so I have tried to add some wierdness to the herd. The Herd: : some simpe...
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    Possible Animated Hulk?

    Hello all What do you think about using this man here as a animated hulk from the zombie pirate list? For those not familiar with the zombie pirates, animated hulks are more or less zombie ogres (and among the few units in the list worth its points) So what do you think...
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    My Giant

    Here is a giant i bought a couple of years ago. I actually like this one more than the new giants. Please note the zombie/cropse that is hanging in his belt (giants got an attack called stuff into bag/pants :mrgreen: ) He is big! I tried to paint him so that he would fit in with...
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    Black Coach

    Greetings As I continue to post my undead army, here is my slightly-converted Black Coach:cool: I know the paintjob isn't to detailed (or ideed very good) but what do you think of it over all? I will propably post my giant tomorrow... //Harak Iman
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    My Etherial Family

    Hello all Once apon a time I started posting my VC army here at CN, but I never had the time/energy to photograph, edit all those photos, and post all those photos, so I never posted anything more than some skellies and zombies. But here it is, my Etherials! Spirit Hosts! I...
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    Zombie Pirates Armylist?

    Hello all, I thought about starting a zombie pirate army, (inpired by all those great armies posted a while ago, i guess:D) does anybody know where I can find their armylist? //Harak
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    Chaos Dwarfs

    Greetings I have just greenstuffed some of my BfSP dwarfs, let me know what you think! These are my first works with greenstuff, hopefully i will be able to do more details after some more practise. warrior...
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    Vampires in the City of the Damned

    Greeting all I just noticed that you can download the Mordheim rules at GWs homepage:mrgreen: A quick glimpse at the warband-lists resulted in this vampire lead warband: Vampire, sworld, shield Necromancer Dreg, sword Dreg, sword 3 st ghouls 2 dire wolfes 5 zombies...
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    The Legions of Harak Iman, part 1

    Hello all i just thought I wanted to share a lite part of my VC army, the proud rotten army of Harak Iman the depraved (evil laughter) zombies, some of you might have seen these before: http://s179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/haraks/?action=view&current=zombie1-1.jpg more zombies...
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    Chaos Dwarfs,

    Greetings to you all! No VC this time, sorry. Last week I bought a Battle for skull pass box, and now my Dawi Zharr is taking form:biggrin: I hope to post some WIP pics here on CN in some days. Anyway, here's the list: Lvl 1 sorcerer, general 65p Lvl 1 sorcerer, not general by any...