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  1. Count Vashra

    Black Knight Dark Lady

    Hello everyone, found some more inspiration for where to take my ideas. Enjoy. Black Knight Dark Mage Prologue Annabella Castellan stared across the room at her sister, Melissende Hauptmann, trying not to let her irritation show as her vampiric eyes observed the self-important creature in the...
  2. Count Vashra

    Happy holidays

    I wish everybody a very merry Christmas, and a good holiday season.
  3. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Geheimnisnacht

    A merry little Christmas - er, Geheimnisnacht - special for the young Blood Dragon Lucinia. Half of it's a quirky dream, and even the waking world sequence can be considered superfluous to the main Pale Web story, but well, Merry Christmas everyone! -- Lucinia opened her coffin, yawned, and...
  4. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web Revised: Book III

    The second full story in the revised Pale Web series. Whilst Lucinia is settling into her new accommodation, she and Annabella receive an invitation to a noble ball. However, the hosts are not all they seem... One Lucinia Hadris thought she had woken. The young vampire gazed about the room...
  5. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web Reboot: Book II

    A short(er) story between the Pale Web reboot's first installment and the next. The Blood Dragon Lucinia attempts to persuade the Lahmian Annabella to allow her to move in for a time, whiel the latter scrutinises Lucinia's mental companion. Interquel Annabella frowned when Lucinia mentioned...
  6. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Reboot

    After long consideration, I've decided that whilst I enjoyed the basic idea of The Pale Web, I didn't execute it that well. In this light, I have redrafted, and will now be posting chapters regularly. For new readers, this is the tale of a young Blood Dragon who loses her sire soon after...
  7. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Revised

    On reviewing my Pale Web story, I have decided that whilst I like the basic idea, I am not entirely pleased with how it turned out, and am considering re-writing it, using the original (The Pale Web: Book I) as a, well, skeleton. Would there be interest in a revised version? The original may be...
  8. Count Vashra

    Season's Greetings

    Merry Christmas and season's greetings to all. Happy New Year!
  9. Count Vashra

    Space Marine Battles: Legion of the Damned

    Fresh from being rescued from a mental plague known as the Darkness, a shadow of Rogal Dorn's despair when he saw the Emperor broken, Zachariah Kersh, Scourge (Chapter Master's personal bodyguard, beyond regular Honour Guard, and Chapter Standard bearer) of the Excoriators Chapter, is haunted by...
  10. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: The Great Architect

    Lucinia and Annabella are sent to investigate strange happenings, resulting in Lucinia having her first encounter with the forces of madness. Chapter One Lucinia Draconia stood on a road leading out of Middenheim, in her red body-plate limb-mail - no helmet, revealing her dark red hair -...
  11. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Dragonmage

    Lucinia travels Sylvania, encountering many creatures, but upon her return to her home at Hawk's Tower learns that a high price will be required to free one of her closest friends. Chapter One Lucinia traveled the moonlit road from Hawk's Tower. She intended to leave the road soon and find...
  12. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Shadows of the Mind

    Here's another of Lucinia and Annabella's adventures. The Dreamer uses his mind-magic to delve into Lucinia's core, and find the answer to how to convince her to become a Dreadlady. Chapter One "Lucinia!" Annabella called. Lucinia Draconia, practicing her sword-skills outside, easily heard her...
  13. Count Vashra

    Interest in a VAU?

    Would anybody be interested in taking part in a VAU (Vampires Amongst Us) that I am considering? If you don't know, the basic idea is that a number of characters are in a room/house/someplace, and discover that some of the group are actually Vampires. They have a few days (roughly a week per day...
  14. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Book IV

    In this installment in the continuing series, Lucinia adjusts to life as a normal i.e. wandering Blood Dragon, with a new home at Hawk's Tower, run by the Lahmian Rachelle and her unsanctioned get Albrecht, As she adjusts, she learns of a plot by the Necrarch V'raztra, seeking to create a hybrid...
  15. Count Vashra

    The Lady Rachelle

    Some background stories for my new Lahmian, the Lady Rachelle introduced in the third Pale Web story. Drakenhof, Sylvania 1797 It was the end of an era. Count von Drak had died. 13-year-old Rachelle took the news with a mixture of relief and anxiety. Von Drak had been mad, and a shadow seemed...
  16. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Book III(2)

    A redraft of the third Pale Web story. This time, after a narrow escape from the Living Shadow, Niklaus, Lucinia and Annabella go to Bretonnia to stop a Necrarch planning a very deadly experiment. Chapter One Morning was coming. It was time for Lucinia and Annabella to enter their coffins and...
  17. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Book III

    The third book in The Pale Web series. Niklaus calls in Lucinia's debt by sending her on a dangerous mission to Lustria, further complicated by the Dreamer informing the Dark Elves of the same artifact Niklaus is looking for. Dark Elves also attempt to find the artifact. The artifact itself...
  18. Count Vashra

    Altered forum view

    I'm not sure how I did it, but whilst I was typing today I accidentally hit a button I shouldn't have (at least, I'm sure I did, and I don't know which button I did hit) and the forum index has somehow gone into a narrow column on the left hand side of the forum (with the forum names being...
  19. Count Vashra

    The Pale Web: Book II

    The sequel to The Pale Web, set a few decades later. Lucinia is sent to be a 'serving girl' for a 2nd generation Lahmian who is infiltrating the Middenheim nobility. Niklaus hears of this, and attempts to derail the infiltration whilst protecting Lucinia. Chapter One ‘Thank you, thank you!’...
  20. Count Vashra

    The Elector Household of Middenheim - 2450

    I've changed my mind. Would a mod mind locking this, please?