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    Massive Orc and Goblin army

    I have well over 4000 points worth of orcs and goblins for sale with 8th book and magic cards! feel free to E-mail me at Hutobega@gmail.com for any inquiries and I can throw up some pictures later today when I get home. I'm really trying to find a new home for these guys and sadly I just don't...
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    Help building a 1500 point list

    I am at work and would like some ideas for 1500 list i will be playing tomorrow As for models I have Vampire White king 2 necromancers 50 zombies 120 skeletons 10 hex wraiths 3 spirit swarms Mortis engine black coach varghulf 39 Grave Guard 2 Banshee 5 wraiths Anyone wanna give me an idea what...
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    My first painting log!

    Hey guys! I'm finally been painting and it feels great. I want to begin to share with you my undead force that's always growing. Full army so far at least Close up on my Characters. level 4 necro, vampire, level 2 necro, and a white king (old one that a friend painted maybe 10 years ago haha)...
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    Okay if any of yall could give me some ideas.. I am in the process of painting my 50 zombies and I have ten of them done. I am using Palid wych flesh as the base and then washing with ogryn flesh tone...I mean I guess that look pretty pale and corpse like but wondering if anyone has any other...
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    1000 and 1500 point lists for a kind of double campaign

    Hello all! I haven't been on here in ages! I am playing a doubles campaign with some friends and well it's Me VC and my friend Mortal Chaos vs Empire and Dwarves... should be fun and tough. My first list is 1000 points and is Master necro- LvL 4, master of dead Book of Arkhan Cairn Wraith 30...
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    long time no Raise! 1500 point list

    Hey all been forever since I've posted here but I am playing a 1500 point game with a friend of mine and I am using my Vampire Counts! I'm fighting dwarfs and well I can say i'm not super hopeful but I want to try and have some fun! here we go! Master Necromancer-Lvl 4, Master of the dead...
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    2500 point list. no calculations yet just ideas

    Master necro-black periapt, master of the dead, level 4 vc lore. Necro-level2 dispel scroll. Vc lore Necro-level2 death magic, not sure about magic items yet. white king-great weapon, night shroud White king army standard-sword of anti hero, flaming helm Wraith Wraith Banshee Banshee...
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    Okay so no bitz sites have skeleton spears for sale it seems right now. I'm willing to use the old skeleton spears or the new ones. anyone happen to have extra and or know a site that has them in stock.
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    2000 point first list made not used yet.

    Master Necromancer-level 4, master of the dead, Talisman of Preservation, Staff of damnation 305points Vampire- Level 1 heavy armor, shield, Aura of dark majesty, Sword of striking, Tali of Endurance 181points White king Army Standard- Heavy Armor, Shield 114 Points 39 Skeletons-Full...
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    Back again!

    Hey took a long hiatus from Vampire Counts because of my Big ass Orc and Goblin army with their fancy new book! I still love my VC but you know Skeletons are way too expensive in my opinion, and I saw the new Khemri book and it's depressing how crazy their points are... anyone have any idea when...
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    So finally bought some sand and texturing my bases... of course a ton of my models are sprayed... and some painted.. so i am putting sand on then painting it and then putting grass on top of some parts... This is a pain i should have bought sand when i first started haha.
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    2000points of meh

    Ok made a new list to play my friends i had no idea what i was up against. 200points "friendly" list we don't play to just win but to have fun. Vamp Lord, level4 Dark Acolyte, MotBA, Crown of the damned, Helm of commandment, Earthing Rod. Lord of the Dead, and used Lore of Vamps White...
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    Ok so I saw a cool video on you tube about magnetizing Warhammer troops... it's easy I just wanted to know if you can spray or paint the thin sheet metal would the magnets be fine? Or would they stop sticking? Does anyone know?
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    Painting ethereal question?

    Ok so i read that article on how to paint ethereal beings. Anyone ever try it with differtn colored washes? if so any ideas how read or blue might look instead of green? or any pics apreciated! Also any tips on very pale vamp flesh.
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    Need help with creating 2000point list

    Ok I have tons of models which makes making a small list harder for me cause i want to use everything lol. Just have a few questions. Should i make my Lord vamp a caster combat hybrid or stick to one of them? My hero will most likely be my skelleton raiser with the ability to raise them past...