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    1k for Doubles Game?

    Salutations Readers, My friends are practising for a 2k doubles tournament next week so I was working on a new Vamp list to face off against them. It is a basic fear-bomb and is a bit light on units. 1000 Points for a Doubles game 200 Master Necromancer Lvl 4 Magic 209 Hero Vamp with...
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    Casting from the Second Rank?

    Salutations Readers, Played last night and we thought there was a rule stopping Mages casting spells if they were not in the front rank of a unit, however we could not find it in the 8th edition rule book... So if a Mage flees a challange and goes to the back or you have 3 Characters + 3...
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    What do Undead use Generals Leadership for?

    Salutations Readers, Since they are all immune to breaking and fear I was wondering what undead units actually use the Generals leadership for? Looking at the rules the only things I can see are - Swift Reform Fear test from Terror Stupidity test (crown and such like) Is it of...
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    1500 Points for Doubles. Any suggestions?

    Salutations Readers, Playing a few doubles games next week. I usually play 40k so have put the following Vampire list together with my Mantic Army. Knights and Bats were for some fast units to try and kill/tie up enemy War machines. I know I will be playing against Dwarves and Empire...
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    Net of Amyntok?

    Salutations Readers, Just started playing Fantasy so wanted to check I have got this correct. I believe the answer to both questions is yes. 1) Warmachines automatically fail Strength tests so if I cast Net on them they will not be able to fire in my opponents turn? 2) Net is a Hex...
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    The official update is here

    8th Ed FAQ's are up! http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=&pIndex=1&aId=3000006&start=2 Noting much of note. + Extra from from Master of the Black Arts have to be used by the Vampire generating them so we can use minions to generate extra dice for a Lvl 4 lord. +...
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    Hero on Hellsteed?

    Salutations Readers, Does anyone have experience with Vamp Hero on Hellsteed? How did it work out? I was thinking of Hero with Wristbands, Sword of Battle, Infinite Hatred and maybe Avatar of Death for an armour save.
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    Salutations Readers, My brother wanted to get into Fantasy so we picked out two armies we liked - Lizards and Vampires. Since I like modelling my eventual aim will be to use Brettonian Knights/Men-at-arms to convert into Grave Guard/Black Knights. However we do not currently have any...
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    Questions from a Beginner...

    Salutations Readers, With the new edition coming out my brother and myself are looking at starting to play Fantasy. Have read all the rules/FAQ so have a reasonable understanding of the game. Lances (specifically Dreadlance) I am fairy sure I only get the Strength bonus when I charge...