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    raging heroes?

    Morning CN Has anybody heard anything from Raging Heroes lately? That company seems very inactiveo_o Yours B
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    Two questions

    Hi all I'm a bit confused here. As it seems VC aren't unstable. So can we still take ward saves and regeneration in the crumble phase? Spears lets one fight in an extra rank. So is that in addition to supporting attacks? Yours B
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    ruby ring of fire

    Evening all The ruby is a bound item and refers to the signature spell of Lore of Fire. However that spell can be cast at three different levels. At what level does the ring work? Yours B
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    first attempt at a 2Kl ist

    Evening CN Vampire lord: +1 level, red fury, lord of the dead, dark acolyte, sword of swift slaying, flayed hauberk, talisman of endurance, potion of strenght (450p) Vampire: forbidden lore (probably death), talisman of lycni (145p) wight king: BSB, sword of kings, gem of blood (150p)...
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    Dark Eldar vs Blood Angels

    Morning CN I had my first league battle versus Blood Angels last evening. My list for the league: Arhon: reaver, combat drugs, punisher, plasma grenades, tormentor helmet 7 wyches: plasma grenades, wych weapons, blaster (succubus: agoniser, plasma grenades) Transport: Raider with disintegrator...
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    1999p for club league

    Evening Chaps It has come to this. The end is nigh. They have gone mental at my club. Allowing special characters now. Anyway, our list have to be in due next Thursday. I've been thinkering. And this is what I've come up with. Vampire: general, dark acolyte, avatar of death (heavy...
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    Clubtournament: Soulkiller

    Hi CN Last Saturday I’ve participated at our clubtournament, Soulkillier, with my good old VC army. Soulkiller is a nice scenario based tournie. The scenarios aren’t known beforehand. So, one cannot tinker one’s army accordingly. The only info we’ve received was...
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    clubtournament list

    Evening lads At my club we have a small tournament coming up - memebers only. Next weekend to be exactly. We will have to play three battles: 1° battle: 999p (2 characters max., 3 core min., no rare) = core army 2° battle: 1499p (core army + 500p) = army B 3° battle: 1999p...