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    2k VC list to try out new rules

    I put this together at short notice to see how it would work, vs an unknown opponent (which turned out to be dwarves). Comments/advice welcome, Vampire Lord Blood Drinker Flayed Hauberk Helm of Command Aura of Dark Majesty Lord of the Dead Infinite Hatred Necromancer with all 3...
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    Tale of 25 gamers - my plog

    OK - my minis have arrived, but I will be away for a week from tomorrow, so will not be able to get started until then. Ho Hum - first (pre-start) pics will be posted then. Not the roaring start I had hoped for, but that' life I suppose!
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    3000 point -

    Any thoughts/ideas welcome. Standard Army 3000pts (10 over) •Vampire Lord - Zombie Dragon, Sword of Might, Flayed Hauberk, Black Periapt, Wristbands of Black Gold, Aura of Majesty, Red Fury, L3 upgrade •Vampire - Blood Drinker, Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred •Vampire...
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    20k Legendary battle - part 2

    Unlimited Pts - Dark Elves Roster - Unnamed Sorceress (1#, 185 Pts) 1 Sorceress @ 185 Pts Druchii Sorcery; Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Eternal Hatred 1 Dispel Scroll @ [25] Pts 1 Darkstar Cloak @ [25] Pts Sorceress (1#, 200 Pts) 1 Sorceress @ 200 Pts...
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    20k Legendary battle

    This is now behind me, and I can start spending time doing other things (like catching up here :)). This was a combined force of Manfred and three other lords (this was an imposed limit), together with a dark elf allied army of around 3.5k (came in as reinforcements for some dramatic effect). It...
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    speedy painting a large number of skeletons

    I m looking to paint a large number of skeletons (old style) to table top standard. I was looking to undercoat white (done for one batch), put on a wash/ink (brown or chestnut), and then drybrush bleached bone. Any thoughts/comments/tips?
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    Not sure if it is me not looking at it correctly, but are DOW units being phased out as rare choices as the new army books are released? They are not in the Empire, HE or VC books. :(
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    500 posts

    Just noticed that Voltaire and I have reached 500 posts!!!! :cool:
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    Seasons Greetings to all

    and may the big red man bring what you wanted!!! :lol: Enjoy everyone.
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    Stand and shoot reaction

    I was looking at the rules regarding the question raised on dwarf chargers, and another question occurred to me. Can you stand and shoot if charged in the flank/rear? The brb does not say either way, but does refer to the shooting section. The shooting section includes line-of-sight...
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    Dryad project and others

    Well, I have finally got myself a digital camera :cool:, and have decided to christen it with my dryad Zombies (with thanks to the various hints and tips received on colours, approach, etc). The background is that these were killed in the battles of Borlin the Black (see battle reports), and...
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    Base size for Giants

    Is there a formal base size for giants? I picked up an old one that was attached to a movent tray, but I am looking to base it properly, and finish it off as an undead zombie giant. :D
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    Battles of Borlin the Black

    As those who were resident in our old home may recall, I have been writing up the battles of Borlin the Black as he wanders the realms. This has been done in narrative form rather than the more traditional GW style. My list has been posted in the Army List section. I will repost the battles...
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    1999 list for League - used for battle reports

    I am now 6 games into our league, with 4 massacres and 2 draws under my belt. Hereis the list that I am using (fixed for the duration, and designed to meet all comers). Posted here to seve re-posting with the BRs. Seems to be working for me so far :cool: Necromancer L2 General - Staff of...