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  1. The_Blackadder

    Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build

    No Chaos Turbo Laser There is no Turbo laser for the FW Chaos Warhound so I have to make one. Not as easy as it may seem; there's a fine line between too little and too much distressing I hope I haven't exceeded it. Of course once its all a homogeneous colour it won't look as bad and I need...
  2. The_Blackadder

    Cockroach Colored Tyranids a Blackadder WIP

    Tyranid Cockroaches, Ewhhhhhh! Well here I am laid up with a immobile shoulder and my right arm in a sling and I tell you I am getting stir crazy. Books, TV, Internet surfing, No porn; right arm remember............. Anyway visiting my 40K forums I stumble across this fantastic rendering...
  3. The_Blackadder

    Blackadder's Refurbishment of Derelict FW Resin Baneblades Thread.

    Years ago when my son first acquainted me with the Warhammer phenomenon he showed me a catalog of the FW products. Having been in the Service I had an awe of the mechanized armour although even then I knew "A moving foxhole attracts the eye." Anyway I fell in love with the...
  4. The_Blackadder

    Blackadder's Lucius Pattern Reaver

    Blackadder's Lucius Pattern Reaver Yes before anyone quips that I am crazy (but in a good way) let me acknowledge the fact. Anyway I have been posed the problem of designing (And building) armour for a FW Mars Pattern Reaver à la mode Lucius Pattern. And before you ask, "No I don't do...
  5. The_Blackadder

    Chopping up the Armorcast Baneblade or The Blackadder's Heresy.

    Well I did it and I'm glad. Back in the days when my son was just starting out in 40K gaming we bought a tired old Armorcast Baneblade on Ebay and refurbished it. Although he was in ecstasy over it I was always bothered by the rather primitive design and the cranium sized rivets so after I...
  6. The_Blackadder

    Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build

    Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build I debated whether to append this to the Lucius scratchbuilt Warhound thread or start a new thread. There will be a side by side comparison of Lucie my scratchbuilt to the various components of an actual Forge World titan which should prove interesting and...
  7. The_Blackadder

    Blackadders WIP Warlord Titan

    Okay so here's the deal, I photo-shopped the image and made a static front view that prints out a model exactly 24 inches tall (On my printer using my editor's print graph I hasten to add). I'm satisfied that this is viable height for a Warlord towering almost 2.5 times the height of a Warhound...
  8. The_Blackadder

    Scratchbuilt Thunderhawk

    The Blackadder has a new project and I am posting here from the inception rather than after it was completed as with Lucie. https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-Scratchbuilt-Lucius-pattern-Warhound Apparently flashback scratch building isn't all that interesting. This new project is a...
  9. The_Blackadder

    Scratchbuilt Lucius pattern Warhound

    Alright so I'm lazy, I'm looking for the topic to post scratch built models. I gave a cursory scan and could find nothing to post my projects. I have a few models that I made from scratch the most recent being Lucie, my Lucius Pattern Warhound. Lucie is at the moment very nearly 100%...