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  1. Cristov von Carstein

    By the light of the moon.

    Truger buckled on his armour and picked up his two pistols. The alarm bells had been ringing for well over two minutes. The sound was like a supercharger in his head. Heart pounding he leapt down the stairs and rushed to the stables. He saddled up and dug in his heels. The feathers on his helmet...
  2. Cristov von Carstein

    Spears on Skeletons, yay or nay?

    Im sure theres been a thread before, but ill be damned if i can find it. As im soon to be buying some nice new skeletons, should they be given spears and sheilds or keep them with hw and sheilds?
  3. Cristov von Carstein

    Lupus Vexillium.

    Atlast, i have myself a camera and can show you all my paintings. First up is Cristov on foot, his crossbowmen and milita and 30 zombies. Enjoy!
  4. Cristov von Carstein

    Painting Zombies!

    Yes, the time has arrived. I've finally got myself some undead for my von carstein army! Now my only trouble is the painting scheme. How would i go about the skin tones? I'm not sure on the green tone but more of an extreme whitish skin. What should i do to get it? What colours should i use...
  5. Cristov von Carstein

    Painting Ethereals?

    Well, seeing as i didnt get any help in my last post im not expecting much here but, how on earth do you paint ethereals?
  6. Cristov von Carstein

    A little bit of help please?

    Ok so, im back on track after too long with my VCs, and Cristov is at the head of a mighty army consisting of, 10 crossbowmen, 16 milita and one Black Knight with an arrow through his head. I should have three Black Knights but i cant seem to find my empire knight sprues so ive only got one...
  7. Cristov von Carstein

    The Awakening.

    The rain thudded down onto the already muddy ground of grave yard. There was a scratching sound that echoed out into the night. The tapping began, the stone crypt began shuddering. Its mouldering walls shaking and dust flew off into the night. A chill wind took up and howled. With a crash, the...
  8. Cristov von Carstein

    Back from the dead

    Going to the show, cant feel my pulse but im ready to go.. etc Hi again fellow undead! Its been awhile since the grave has called me but its done so again. And at what a time, new models to come to us so ive seen. And they are quite tasty indeed. Its nice to see you all again!