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  1. Cristov von Carstein

    Herr Kaptain's Chufty Thread

    The mordheim Marianna Chevaux model. I might link you later if someone else doesnt. Im too tired.
  2. Cristov von Carstein

    You know you're obsessed with warhammer when...

    You know your obsessed with warhammer when you look at every bit of empty packaging and try and think of how it can be used as terrain.
  3. Cristov von Carstein

    Using grail pilgrims as ghouls

    I didnt know you were from denmark cazgar! Well thats new... :P I command thee to do it! And id like pics.
  4. Cristov von Carstein

    By the light of the moon.

    Truger buckled on his armour and picked up his two pistols. The alarm bells had been ringing for well over two minutes. The sound was like a supercharger in his head. Heart pounding he leapt down the stairs and rushed to the stables. He saddled up and dug in his heels. The feathers on his helmet...
  5. Cristov von Carstein

    Undead Things from the drawer

    Nice work there Spikehead!
  6. Cristov von Carstein

    Cthulhudreamt starts a log!

    Woah! Those are very crisp! I love models like that, they're full and good. Cant wait to see more, although if your anygood with Greenstuff please god give him hair to get rid of those disgusting lumps.
  7. Cristov von Carstein

    My ogre kingdoms army (lots of pics)

    Wow looks great! I love the little touches with the gnoblars. Such as the cigar smoking one, the one clinging onto the rhinox rider's back. And my all time favourite of the human arms poking out under the foot of a rhinox! :D
  8. Cristov von Carstein

    Wilhelm's painting log

    Hooray! Your doing the wight king priest aswell, i was thinking about it last week and i keep meaning to get it done. Im not sure wether to use Luthor Huss or the dude with two hammers.
  9. Cristov von Carstein

    MSN address... Go on. You know you want to...

    Allo! My email address is owen20050[at]hotmail.com
  10. Cristov von Carstein

    Lupus Vexillium.

    Ok here we are, as promised! The Wolf Riders! Ill add more pictures of them as i finish them. The nice round 20 strong Skeleton regiment. The Dire wolf. Id really like some comments on the wolf. Is the skin ok or should i use a different tone?
  11. Cristov von Carstein

    Lupus Vexillium.

    Carlisle GW is the one doing it. You've got 3 weeks! Move yourself young man! :D
  12. Cristov von Carstein

    Lupus Vexillium.

    Bugger what i said earlier, im going for a 2000+ vampire counts army. Thanks to the 25th anniversary thingy this month they are running a special To4G at my local and theyre actually giving £25 towards your own army! That means Grave Guard people! Ive painted the 20 skeletons and they...
  13. Cristov von Carstein

    How do you paint your Ethereal units?

    From dark gray base slowly drybrushing up to white.
  14. Cristov von Carstein

    Old Miniatures for a new army

    Ahh it brings back the memories... *sniff*
  15. Cristov von Carstein

    Black Knights, What do to?

    Ill post pictures of my knights on saturday because im busy painting them now. Or atleast i should be... :D
  16. Cristov von Carstein

    Disciples Painting Log aka Monkey with a Paintbrush - New WIP Pics of Ellie!!

    RE: Disciples Painting Log aka Monkey with a Paintbrush Yeah! Screw the GG! Have a big ass monster instead. What a brilliant job aswell.
  17. Cristov von Carstein

    Boo's Undeadhochland painting log

    RE: Boo´s Undeadhochland painting log Ahh, are you going to do the undead greatswords as Grave Guard? I had that idea before the previous GG came out. But i love the new ones and there bloody cheaper. Heres a tip that will make them look awsome. Cut away the head, then cut off the hat...
  18. Cristov von Carstein

    Imperial Varghulf

    A couple of corpses on the base and a nice bloody colour scheme should make it look evil. I think it should look like a vampire controlled griffon. Perhaps it was captured and given the blood of a vampire and now its gone totally mad? That would give you an intresting back story.
  19. Cristov von Carstein

    Zombie dragon sculpt

    Keep sculpting or we'll rip out your eyes and wee in the sockets! Whoops, i didnt realise id already posted... My statement still stands!