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    What are you listening to

    While making my 1500p Dark Elf fun list for tomorrow, I've been listening to the new album of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Songs 4 hate & Devotion. Great Swedish band. And coming to Belgium this March, joined by In Slaughter Natives, Raison D'Etre, Spiritual Front and Impusea. Yours
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    New Faq

    Thanks mate Found it, though it's on p6xD Yours B
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    New Faq

    @ mastersparks I've been browsing through the FAQs but I cann't seem to find it. Show me the way, please;) Yours B
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    500 Point VC vs WOC First game

    Oh yes he can. As per errata/faq we have to follow the main rulebook now. So our general is the one with the highest leadership. So in 8th it's possible to run a pure necromancer army again for example. Yours B
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    Avrage Dead (vamps log)

    The skeletons are very nice. My bases are dark brown combined with grey. Representing scourged ground and grit roads. I use the basing stuff one can buy for making terrain for miniature trains. One other thing I've noticed. Who says VC doesn't have any shooting? I've noticed the "Black...
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    A question about Flag of the Blood Keep

    Sorry to inform you guys. But against the purple sun one "[...]must pass an Initiative test or be slain outright with no save of any kind allowed.[...]". So no flag of the blood keep. The sun is harsh when it hits. Yours B
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    The Green Knight

    Hi there Tamodan I won't attend the tournament. Though I'll drop by to have a leffe:cheers: Good luck with the vampires. Yours B
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    Reviewing for the 8th Edition

    Okay, ready:thumbsup: Yours B
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    The Death of a Vampire: Confessions of a veteran gamer

    Danceman good luck and prospor I completely get your point. I've had a similar feeling with 40K. I started with Necromunda, dropped into 40k during 3th ed. And now I've nearly dropped out of 5th. Regarding fantasy. I loved the bloodlines. 7th ed got me doubting. For 8th however it is still...
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    raging heroes?

    Morning CN Has anybody heard anything from Raging Heroes lately? That company seems very inactiveo_o Yours B
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    Two questions

    Hi all I'm a bit confused here. As it seems VC aren't unstable. So can we still take ward saves and regeneration in the crumble phase? Spears lets one fight in an extra rank. So is that in addition to supporting attacks? Yours B
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    ruby ring of fire

    Thanks Fodderboy. Yours B
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    first attempt at a 2Kl ist

    Evening UB Thanks for the input. I see your point. I'm not completely happy with my lord as well. I was considering walking death. I won't go for infinite hatred for now. As having I7 I will very likely get a re-roll to hit anyway. I like forbidden lore and I want to try this out...
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    ruby ring of fire

    Evening all The ruby is a bound item and refers to the signature spell of Lore of Fire. However that spell can be cast at three different levels. At what level does the ring work? Yours B
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    first attempt at a 2Kl ist

    Evening CN Vampire lord: +1 level, red fury, lord of the dead, dark acolyte, sword of swift slaying, flayed hauberk, talisman of endurance, potion of strenght (450p) Vampire: forbidden lore (probably death), talisman of lycni (145p) wight king: BSB, sword of kings, gem of blood (150p)...
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    Reviewing for the 8th Edition

    Evening all I'll be happy to help you out DoN. At my club we are coming to the end of this season. We always take a break in July. So I have time to check the bloodline rule and compare them to the 8th ed mainrules. I'll receive my copy July 10th. We start playing again in August...
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    Necrarch Playtesting Thread

    Well, I agree. I like your suggestion in regards to W'soran. Yours B
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    Necromancer Playtesting Thread

    I certainly doxD Yours B
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    Winner of Bloodline Armies Playtesting Raffle - Bauglir

    Thank you Masterspark. Hopefully there will be a bit more volunteers to playtest the bloodlines in the near future. As these ought to be cherished. I really enjoyed every game. The relative added value is immense in comparison to our current VC-army book. Yours B
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    Playtesters - Post your name here and win models

    Evening CN Just checking the forum, and wohoe... You've just made one VC-player very happy. Much obliged. Thank you CN. Yours B