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  1. adrift

    Can blocked frenzied troops charge?

    If a unit of frenzied troops is screened, but can see an enemy unit, and its screeners declare a charge which would remove them out of the way of the frenzied troops, can the frenzied troops "charge"? The BRB says a frenzied unit MUST charge if an enemy is within range and LoS. It says...
  2. adrift

    What is your favorite army to play (as)?

    Who is the most fun army to play as? Wacky orcs, inevitable Vampires, stout dwarves? Give some rationale, if so inclined. Personally, I like Ogres. They are challenged, at the moment, to be very competitive; their list is just too limited. By the same token, they are excellent for...
  3. adrift

    The best armies to go with Vlad / Mannfred

    I am taking Vlad today for the first time; I dont usually take specials. Anyway, after I was done designing my army, I felt it was a bit disjoint and lacking any real operational theme. It started me wondering what builds best suited Vlad or Mannfred. I know the identity of your opponent...
  4. adrift

    Which is more fun to play (as)...WoC or Bretts?

    I am thinking about getting into one of these two armies as a new army. I know the Brett book isnt out yet, but assuming the new book is on par with the current, what do folks think about playing these two armies? Which is more fun to play as? I know some of it is play style, but I am looking...
  5. adrift

    Does anyone take a kastellan?

    Looking for instances where it was a GOOD thing to have a kastellan. Obviously the main fear is fighting a solitary monster/character that can nerf the attacks of the rest of the unit by challenging, but against non-monster armies, are kastellans a good thing? Lets hear some evidence one...
  6. adrift

    Vampire Counts MVP Award...goes to...?

    Vote for your VC Most Valuable "Player" troop type and if you are so inclined, provide rationale. At the moment, I am in love with dire wolves. For 40 points, I get a unit of 5 which moves ridiculously fast, causes fear, is fast cav (so manueverable!), is unbreakable, and has a US of 10...
  7. adrift

    More egregious form of skirmisher redirect

    This came to me in a game versus dwarves, of all races. As some (most?) people know, you can use fleeing skirmishers to redirect a charging unit at a fairly extreme angle, if properly set up. In my recent game versus dwarves, I had a unit of blood knights set up to charge a block of...
  8. adrift

    Hide your BoA, or use it every turn?

    Sure, people are going to assume you have the Book of Arkhan, but assuming and knowing for sure are not the same thing. If you use it early, you get more utility from it, but you reveal its presence and you risk it draining. If you wait until it can pull off a critical charge, you have...
  9. adrift

    Nastiest dwaf build to face - 2650 pts - no specials - help sought

    So my dwarven foe in this turn of Mighty Empires fighting has sworn he is too busy to fight and has asked our group ace/max-power-gamer to be his mercenary general. Oh yay. So Thorek-led gun-lines aside, what is the most vampire-unfriendly build he could bring? (We have a house rule where...
  10. adrift

    More VC vs WoC discussion

    I have a game this weekend versus our group's top player. He normally plays DoC and is a viscious power gamer. He is trying WoC to see if he likes them (his second game with the new rules). 2500 points There is already a thread which discusses kholek and Archaon at length (conclusion...
  11. adrift

    2650 points versus dwarves

    I have a game in a week or so against dwarves and wanted to get the discussion going early. I need a massacre in order to earn enough Empire Points to take back my traitorous, mountain keep that defected to the dwarves during Winter special events (using Mighty Empire rules). A regular win...
  12. adrift

    Bat swarms move as skirmishers, right?

    I am using them tonight versus wood elves, as a many-wound, easy-to-IoN screen. They are a flying unit (albeit at only 10"), so I assume they move as skirmishers. Please confirm and provide reason for answer. TIA
  13. adrift

    2500 pts vs Wood Elves

    I played them a few times over a year ago using ogres, but nothing recently, and definitely never with VC. Ideas I have gleaned from other threads: - black coach is hard for them to deal with since they have limited access to S7 - i know of the ultimately annoying nettling that requires 6's...
  14. adrift

    1K game versus Dark Elves

    I dont think I have ever played a 1k game in 18 years of this hobby. Any suggestions, specifically versus DE? TIA
  15. adrift

    Tricks for getting through High Elf ASF

    Black coach chariot impact hits - check. Ethereals - check Spell damage - check nightshroud - good for one turn - check (It would seem the best use of this is to make a fighty lord and give it to him. Then, if they ignore the lord, he beats the snot out of them. If they attack him...
  16. adrift

    Dealing with a Blood Thirster Assassin - Brainstorm!

    I am in a campaign where one player has DoC and he frequently brings a thirster in, who manages to kill my general very early in the game almost every time. This thread's purpose is to shake the bushes to see how people are dealing with this problem. How do you counter a determined thirster...
  17. adrift

    Zombie Dragon + Cursed Book means 6's to hit

    I hadn't noticed that nice little combo for a ZD build before. Using the book means 5's to hit your lord, and then the zombie dragon throws another "-1 to hit" in the mix due to flies. Makes your lord much less susceptible to getting wacked, at least in the first round. Hmm, a have a game...
  18. adrift

    Mannfred + Steal Soul + Crimson Gem of Lahmia

    Since Mannfred (the elder) already starts out buffed in wounds, and can load up on arcane items, has anyone tried out (abused?) the mannfred + steal soul (death magic) + crimson gem combo to crank mannfred's wounds up (using steal soul), and then use the gem to convert those wounds to power...
  19. adrift

    Hand of Dust...anyone use it?

    Looking for a reason to like this item. Any takers?
  20. adrift

    Staff of Damnation - Sell me on it

    In the thread talking about items for necromancers, the Staff of Damnation was mentioned, and I realised I automatically dismiss that item as not all that useful. Getting one round of single-attacks in just doesn't seem that useful to me, as compared to a dispel scroll or a power stone. But...