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  1. dongilles

    New AoS FAQs

    The ring one really sucks... I do not understand this change. Why would you ever use it now.
  2. dongilles

    AoS App update General's Handbook

    thats to bad
  3. dongilles

    AoS App update General's Handbook

    Does anyone know if the paper version also unlocks the points in the app? I do not want to buy the twice
  4. dongilles

    Age of Sigmar FAQ posted

    Thanks for the link! Have not read them all but GW is already back to contradicting them selves... According to the FAQ is it possible to auto hit something if you get a +1 to hit. In the Generals handbook is the rule of 1, that natural rolls of one are always a fail. And according to the FAQ...
  5. dongilles

    Mourngul 8th edition rules

    Thanks for the rules:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  6. dongilles

    What to build?

    Maybe you can magnetize them to build more options then you can try them all
  7. dongilles

    Most useless undeath unit in AoS

    today in another battle of AoS I tried the black kight for the first time... What an disapointment. They where great in 8th but now... What is in your mind the worst of our units?
  8. dongilles

    AoS: Hexwraiths Spectral hunter ability

    How does the Hexwraiths Spectral hunter ability work? How do I move through other units?
  9. dongilles

    Morghast magnetizing

    Thanks the pictures!! Is the weapon the only diffirence between the models?
  10. dongilles

    Mourngul 8th edition rules

    Haha that for the tip. I will email FW.
  11. dongilles

    Morghast magnetizing

    Is it possible to magnetize the morghast so you can make both models?
  12. dongilles

    Mourngul 8th edition rules

    Hello all, I realyly love the Mourngul model but I cannot find the 8th edition rules. Is there someone who has them?
  13. dongilles

    Vanhels in AoS

    Ow also attack twice! Didnt see that. That makes the spell alot better
  14. dongilles

    Skeleton shields

    This comes from the skeleton warriors warscroll: Crypt Shield: You can add 1 to save rolls for a unit carrying Crypt Shields against attacks that have a Rend of ‘-' Does this means that the shield only works agains units with no rend? That would make shields pretty useless
  15. dongilles

    Vanhels in AoS

    In AoS Vanhels dance macabre can make a unit pile in twice. But how does this acually work? Can i just make a pile in move of 6"? Also, how usefull is this? In most game a pile in move of 3" is enough to get most models in CC range, if I would pile in again most of my models cant move because...
  16. dongilles

    Flesh eaters battle tome!!!

    Well acually in the app the old warscroll is update so if you ever would like to use the app you cant summon the zombiedragon anymore. And I think the app is leading. It seems that the grand alliance book is just not up to date anymore
  17. dongilles

    Next Week's White Dwarf

    When is the new WD availble?
  18. dongilles

    Official point system comming to AoS

    Because the points are not printed I think they will be just digital so they can easily be addepted when they are to unbalanced. This will be way better then in 8th. With summoning, ues something needs to be changed for tournement play, but with the new course I am sure they will do something...
  19. dongilles

    Official point system comming to AoS

    this comed from the Age of Sigmar facebook page That’s right, guys. As of this summer, you’ll have your pick of 3 great ways to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We couldn’t be more excited, and we’re certain you’ll love it too. We’ll have more details for you soon. For now: Open Play is probably...
  20. dongilles

    Best battleplans

    Me and my gaming group are getting into Aos we tried a couple of normal games but I hear the best way to play is with scenario's/battle plans. But there are so many plans we dont know were to start. What are the best battle plans? Also on an other note, we use comp to get a better game, is this...