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  1. dongilles

    Most useless undeath unit in AoS

    today in another battle of AoS I tried the black kight for the first time... What an disapointment. They where great in 8th but now... What is in your mind the worst of our units?
  2. dongilles

    AoS: Hexwraiths Spectral hunter ability

    How does the Hexwraiths Spectral hunter ability work? How do I move through other units?
  3. dongilles

    Morghast magnetizing

    Is it possible to magnetize the morghast so you can make both models?
  4. dongilles

    Mourngul 8th edition rules

    Hello all, I realyly love the Mourngul model but I cannot find the 8th edition rules. Is there someone who has them?
  5. dongilles

    Skeleton shields

    This comes from the skeleton warriors warscroll: Crypt Shield: You can add 1 to save rolls for a unit carrying Crypt Shields against attacks that have a Rend of ‘-' Does this means that the shield only works agains units with no rend? That would make shields pretty useless
  6. dongilles

    Vanhels in AoS

    In AoS Vanhels dance macabre can make a unit pile in twice. But how does this acually work? Can i just make a pile in move of 6"? Also, how usefull is this? In most game a pile in move of 3" is enough to get most models in CC range, if I would pile in again most of my models cant move because...
  7. dongilles

    Official point system comming to AoS

    this comed from the Age of Sigmar facebook page That’s right, guys. As of this summer, you’ll have your pick of 3 great ways to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We couldn’t be more excited, and we’re certain you’ll love it too. We’ll have more details for you soon. For now: Open Play is probably...
  8. dongilles

    Best battleplans

    Me and my gaming group are getting into Aos we tried a couple of normal games but I hear the best way to play is with scenario's/battle plans. But there are so many plans we dont know were to start. What are the best battle plans? Also on an other note, we use comp to get a better game, is this...
  9. dongilles

    Tips for taking pictures of your models

    So I want take pictures of all my models, but everytime i take pictures they turn out to dark or shadows/colors are off. I just cant get it right. Here on the forum there are beautyfull pictures so I hope you guys/gals can give me some tips
  10. dongilles

    Android new AoS books problems (epub)

    Hello all, I want to read something abou the Age of Sigmar fluff so I downloaded the free primer (epub) from the Black Library to see the quality from the books. But I cant read then omy phone. All programs I use just shows me empty pages or one big letter on the screen. Is there someone who...
  11. dongilles

    Maximizing during charge

    Hello all, My opponent has Epidemius in a unit of Plaguebearers on a side. I charge this unit with 4 Morghasts(in 2 ranks). When I charge I need to maximise the models in combat but because I wanted to direct all my attacks at Epidemius I made sure that both models on the front rank were in B2B...
  12. dongilles

    Wounds from a bolt thrower on multible wounds models

    Hello all, Last night we found ourself in a new situation that we did not know how to handle. I had 2 ranks of 4 Crypt Horrors. One model already had 2 wounds, I put the wounds on the models that was standing on the right. A bolt thrower shoots my Horrors in the left flank and kills one models...
  13. dongilles

    victory points character in unit

    When you kill a character who is in a unit you will receive victory points right? But I cant find these rules in the BRB can someone help me win the game?
  14. dongilles

    Damn those Daemons of Chaos, need help

    I have a regular opponent who is a Nurgle DoC player. The problem is that I never can beat him and he always plays somewhat of the same list. Hopefully someone here can help me with some tactics. We play 1500 points or 2500 points. Last night we played a T&T game with 3 players all with 1500...
  15. dongilles

    What is the problem with "Bubblehammer"?

    I havent read the lastest End Times book but what I heard was that the warhammer world now is destroyed and there are some parts of the flowting around protected by a bubble. I really dont see the problem with this, this wont even impact the game because your battlefield is in theory a bubble...
  16. dongilles

    unit arc accessory

    In battlereports I see several handy accessories being used, like the charge arc. where can I buy these online? I dont know what therms I need to google
  17. dongilles

    Vampire Counts 8th community FAQ (need your input)

    After being a part of this great community for several years, I want to do something for all the wonderful players (the old and the new) Everyone know that GW is great at writing rules that are kinda vague... So my idea is to make a FAQ where we as a community all can agree on and use this in...
  18. dongilles

    tournament live report

    Hello all, I was wondering is there are any live reports from tournaments, so not just a battlereport, but the whole match.
  19. dongilles

    N: Mortis Engine Banshee swarm H: Cash

    For my Casket of Souls I need 2 or 3 Banshee's of the Mortis Engine/Coven Throne. Does someone have them lying arround? Thanks in advance
  20. dongilles

    Help for creating Casket of Souls

    Because the Casket of souls is to Egyptian to include in my Vampire army (+ I don't like the model) I want to make my own. I have the following idea: Make a pentagram of blood in the grass at each point a skull A Necromanser who is summoning the souls 2 Grave Guards (the old metal models)...