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  1. Cela Shyish

    Advice on Converting a Mounted Wight King

    Hi everyone, its been a very long time since I've been on here. I have recently picked up Warhammer Age of Sigmar again and I was looking at some Deathrattle style lists and I realised I don;t have any mounted Wight Kings. The mounted Wight King on the Games Workshop website I think is really...
  2. Cela Shyish

    Ultramarine 40K Diorama

    This is something my brother asked me to post cos he wanted opinions on it, note that I've had no involvement in this model at all, other than using my camera :P Let me know what you think and if you have any criticisms/praises I should pass onto him.
  3. Cela Shyish

    The Ghost Fleet of Eternia

    Okay, so this is my second paint log and it is for Firestorm Armada, the Terran Alliance to be precise. I hope its okay to post this here, since I know its an undead forum, but this is going to be a ghost fleet so maybe its okay? So anyway, only two ships first to test out colour schemes. My...
  4. Cela Shyish

    Carry Case Options

    Oky soooo my friend is searching for a non-too expensive carry case for his Horus Heresy World Eaters. He wants it to be sturdy so KR Cases are out of the picture, their metal cases are too expensive/heavy so a no go and ideally he would have used the recently removed army cases from GW but he...
  5. Cela Shyish

    Batman the Musical Should Have Been Finished!

    So Batman is one of only 2 superheroes I like (Kickass being the other one) and there was going to be a Batman Musical but it didn't receive the funding it needed :( Here's 2 examples of their songs
  6. Cela Shyish

    Converting an Echo

    So I was listening to this song and I noticed how seriously creepy the images for the Echos are in the middle. Human body, 6 arms and a tv for a head, especially the one that has "Why can't I be colourful and free?" written on the screen. It actually kinda freaks me out, so naturally I...
  7. Cela Shyish

    The Army of the Feuerbach Family

    Okay, so finally got a decent camera sorted out and so I'm starting my first ever Plog, please don't be too harsh on your judging, I'm not too good and a bit lazy with some of my painting and yes I know I go a bit heavy on washes. So here goes First I'm starting with my Mourngal Next we...
  8. Cela Shyish

    Your Memento Mori

    Warning: This topic may or may not turn rather depressing because of the subject matter so if you don't want to see that kind of thing then it may be best to avoid this thread. So because of a rather harsh dream I had last night I've been thinking about a lot of fairly heavy stuff at work...
  9. Cela Shyish

    Strange Martial Practices

    Okay, so I just found my old halberd from a few years ago and gave it a few practice swings to remember it and I noticed a lot of strange habits I picked up through my life because of my circumstances and started analysing it. So first I'll give a bit of background. I'm the youngest of 5, with...
  10. Cela Shyish

    AoS Coven Throne Scrying Pool

    Ok so recently (Last night) I brought a Coven Throne because I've wanted one for quite awhile, although there is one rule I'm curious on: The Scrying Pool. Now judging from the general consensus about Kairos being able to change any dice result of your choice being able to alter a single dice...
  11. Cela Shyish

    Where to get Mangler Squigs

    Because of Age of Sigmar my older brother is looking to start Orcs and Goblins (Well he already has a few units) but anyway, he wants some Mangler Squigs but they are no longer on the website and Ebay only has one "Buy it Now" which is roughly the price of a Colossal Squig from Forgeworld so I...
  12. Cela Shyish

    Overreactions to Age of Sigmar

    So my brother just showed me a video of someone who set his roughly £700 army on fire in protest to Age of Sigmar, so putting aside the carcinogens produced from melting plastic this is still obviously a stupid idea. First its very disrespectful to the models, I mean who could do that to models...
  13. Cela Shyish

    Undead Tau 40K

    Oky so I love painting undead, corpsey or really battle-damaged etc. And I've been tossing and turning over tau colour schemes but I keep changing my mind. So I'm thinking make a terrifying looking Tau force based on an undead army kind of aesthetic. But as I have no real idea where to start I...
  14. Cela Shyish

    Tomb Swarms

    So for my undead legions, I want some Tomb Swarms, but I can't find the models for them anywhere. So is there an easy way to convert them or something I could easily proxy as them with a decent paintjob? It is for undead legions so I was considering the possibility of buying like jungle swarms...
  15. Cela Shyish

    Haunted Battlefield

    Ok sooo, I've had a full 6 Realm of Battle Board sections since Golden Daemon day 2 years ago and finally decided I'm going to make it a haunted battlefield for my undead legions (spoke with one of my opponents who adores the idea of his elves fighting undead on a corrupted battlefield) so I...
  16. Cela Shyish

    Scarecrow Conversion

    I'm currently trying to convert a number of unique characters for my undead legions and while I can convert things like a gorgon with snakes from the bastilodom and green stuffed robes, there is one I'm struggling with, I want to convert a scarecrow for use as a tomb/wight king/prince but I'm...
  17. Cela Shyish

    Songs in Your Head While You Play

    OK so I've noticed that when I play I often get lines from songs stuck in my head (Probably because I'm a music nut) in relation with what's going on so it gets me super pumped and hyper...if a lil distracted. So I was wondering what songs or lines from songs get stuck in your head while you...
  18. Cela Shyish

    First Fantasy Game in Over A Year

    2500 point game Vampires vs Beastmen, my first fantasy game in over a year. And maybe my first actual battle report :) Sorry that the movements are a bit out and one or two bits make no sense in the pictures but I'll explain them, its just my first time using battle chronicler and my head is...
  19. Cela Shyish

    Converting Blood Knights?

    My environment isn't filled with particularly good players so the viability of the unit doesn't matter to me. I just very much like the idea of the unit and the lore (my brother is a brettonian player so it fits as well) But the models are way too expensive for my budget, does anyone have some...
  20. Cela Shyish

    What is Your Favourite Unit and Why?

    I'm just curious because I know a lot of units aren't taken most of the time due to there being better options so I'm asking in terms of anything (it can be due to play style, lore, how they look, anything. Although I would prefer opinions outside of "because its powerful :P") My favourite is...