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  1. adrift

    Help with Border Patrol Lists

    Keep your wraiths in forests? Against Wood Elves? Wouldn't the Tree Singing spell see your wraiths killed in record time?
  2. adrift

    Tough High Elves

    Ah, good point
  3. adrift

    Tough High Elves

    Or just give him the nightshroud and then dont worry about getting off that corpse cart Miasma spell your opponent can so easily prevent...
  4. adrift

    Varghulf or Black Coach

    Varghulf for the reasons mentioned, unless you plan to pack in your casters and pump it as fast as possible, but as has been said, cannonballs will ruin its day. But if you can make it to ethereal...pure butta versus empire.
  5. adrift

    2250 Daemons of Chaos

    Kudos for NOT making an annoying DoC list. Just by taking a DP instead of a GD, you have my respect.
  6. adrift

    Killer Lord

    The problem with blood drinker is getting through armor. With only a -2 on armor save for a straight str 5 hit, half your wounds will bounce. You could easily end up with a goose egg for wounds done.
  7. adrift

    Can blocked frenzied troops charge?

    I just found out they updated FAQ2 1 month after its initial release, essentially making a version 2 of FAQ2. sigh. And that the UPDATE clearly says frenzied troops must charge in this situation. I am very glad this was explicitly cleared up, but am also very annoyed they came out with V2 of...
  8. adrift

    Can blocked frenzied troops charge?

    My original post references that FAQ, which I agree adds weight to the arguement, but still isnt conclusive, as regular units CHOOSE to charge (suggesting they take all the pertinent info into account before deciding) whereas frenzied troops just sort of mindlessly run off when some gets near...
  9. adrift

    Can blocked frenzied troops charge?

    The crux of the issue is when you determine whether the frenzied unit (must) charge. That happens after all regular declarations, but before compulsory or movement of chargers. So at the time when it is determined whether frenzied troops can/must charge, they are blocked from doing so (given...
  10. adrift

    Can blocked frenzied troops charge?

    Based on what logic / reference?
  11. adrift

    Can blocked frenzied troops charge?

    If a unit of frenzied troops is screened, but can see an enemy unit, and its screeners declare a charge which would remove them out of the way of the frenzied troops, can the frenzied troops "charge"? The BRB says a frenzied unit MUST charge if an enemy is within range and LoS. It says...
  12. adrift

    Help vs empire

    The Elite Army event allows you to ignore the restrictions on how many rare/special units you can bring given a certain army size. Stanks are a Rare choice. How would a (normal) 2k game allow 3? You get 2 rares at 2k points, 3 at 3k, etc.
  13. adrift

    Help vs empire

    3 steam tanks? Trivial! :D In our Mighty Empires campaign, the Empire player used the Elite Army event to bring _5_ steam tanks in a sub-3k game versus DoC! lol Massacred the DoC player. Boo hoo. I have to say, DoC deserve it! The Monsters of Cheese got force-fed a huge heaping helping of...
  14. adrift

    How to deal with an Arch lector on altar?

    Ethereal characters cannot have magic items of any sort.
  15. adrift

    What is the doggy death star?

    I agree MasterSpark. Blood Drinker would be far more effective at keeping the unit topped up than a Master power which only gives 1 wolf per casting.
  16. adrift

    What is your favorite army to play (as)?

    Yeah, I have thought the same thing (make people choose something OTHER than VC - lol). Ogres are the best. I will hunt down and give a nasty wedgie to every GW exec out there if they dont give ogres a decent book (or ANY book). I dont want a DoC cheese-fest book that will make ogres...
  17. adrift

    Vampires vs Characters in Chariots

    Yeah, unless the TK can get insta-kill on you, and assuming he has access to some decent protection, it would seem wisest to after the chariot for the sure fire CR (same as fighting a lord on a dragon, for instance).
  18. adrift

    How to deal with an Arch lector on altar?

    Are DoW still legal? The rules have disappeared from the GW web site, from what I can tell.
  19. adrift

    High elf question

    All of the previous points notwithstanding, a great weapon (or two handed weapon) is not a "hand weapon", and require using two hands, so you couldnt get an extra attack from "an additional hand weapon" anyway. Whoever was arguing this with you is either a cad and a cheat, or doesnt know WH...
  20. adrift

    Black Coach

    Good point, Flapula.