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    Little to no ward save?

    I could see taking the Nightshroud, +1 Str Sword and 5+ Ward rather than the 4+ Ward but I would not want to send my Lord out without at least some protection.
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    which list do you prefer? 2.4k tournement + fun games

    True line of sight. You will get a cover save (useless against magic) but if they can see you they can shoot at you.
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    wraith sheild

    I thought being Ethereal Wraiths could not join non-etherial units?
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    Operation Zombie shield?

    It is what I used to do in the last edition; raise a thin dead line to stop opponents charging me. If they charged the Zombies they just evaporated anyway. Give them a Musician for swift reform and you are all set.
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    Vampire Lord w/ Lore of Death - worth it?

    I will have to dig out that FAQ... Certainly makes the idea of dropping a Lvl 1 Necro into the unit interesting just to snipe enemy characters...
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    Workable Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon in under 600 points? Help!

    Not sure you can take any Cannon protection other than the Iron Curse Icon... If you are taking a Lord on Zombie Dragon that leaves you 135 points for powers and wargear. Nightshroud is very good since it strips strength bonus from all enemy in base contact so the Dragon's T6 will be...
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    Vampire Lord w/ Lore of Death - worth it?

    Unfortunately Spirit Leech works off unmodified Leadership. The only way I can see of playing a Vampire Lord with Lore of Death, outside of a massively high point game, is if you take Mannfred since he has double Loremaster.
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    1k for Doubles Game?

    Salutations Readers, My friends are practising for a 2k doubles tournament next week so I was working on a new Vamp list to face off against them. It is a basic fear-bomb and is a bit light on units. 1000 Points for a Doubles game 200 Master Necromancer Lvl 4 Magic 209 Hero Vamp with...
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    Brand New Member and First VC list. Comments?

    Talisman of Preservation is in the 8th Edition Rulebook and gives a 4+ Ward Save.
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    Casting from the Second Rank?

    Salutations Readers, Played last night and we thought there was a rule stopping Mages casting spells if they were not in the front rank of a unit, however we could not find it in the 8th edition rule book... So if a Mage flees a challange and goes to the back or you have 3 Characters + 3...
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    1000 Points vs Skaven and Lizardmen?

    My take is very similar except I went for Forbidden Lore of Shadows for getting the Helm out of Combat and both core units of Skellies so I can grow them both. Originally I had my Skellies in a unit of 24 & 10, but I think I prefer your idea of 13 with just Champ for the bunker more. 180...
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    What do Undead use Generals Leadership for?

    My issue is not with what is written but how it is written. Warhammer rules (Fantasy and 40k) are not written to a good enough standard. Seventh Ed rules (page 82) it is quite clear you are using the Generals Leadership for Leadership Tests. 8th Ed (page 107) is just vague.
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    What do Undead use Generals Leadership for?

    It is a spell not a leadership test. It is a question of whether you think there is a sequence or layering for replacement effects. I am not going to bother arguing RAW vs RAI, I do not play competitive Fantasy and am still learning the rules (hence this topic).
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    Flaming banner from brb

    Dwarven Rune does make Magical Flaming attacks because the Dwarf Codex states any Warmachine with a Rune deals magic damage. The Flaming banner just deals flaming damage because, as everyone has said, it does not state it adds the magical keyword. The Undead Hellfire banner does deal magical...
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    What do Undead use Generals Leadership for?

    @Fallen Angel Not convinced about the Mind rasor spell... @Lord Fear Not looking for an exhaustive list; just learning the rules and trying to see what the weakness is of taking a Hero-as-General over Lord-as-General in low point games.
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    What do Undead use Generals Leadership for?

    Salutations Readers, Since they are all immune to breaking and fear I was wondering what undead units actually use the Generals leadership for? Looking at the rules the only things I can see are - Swift Reform Fear test from Terror Stupidity test (crown and such like) Is it of...
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    Help with army list (not competitive)

    Why is that? Looking at his stats I would use him at 2k. The only think he seems to lack for being perfect is a ward save!
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    1600 pts - Vampires v Skavens. Suggestions ?

    RE: 1600 pts - flaming Vampires v Skavens. Suggestions ? How do you get Lore of Death without taking Forbidden Lore?
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    1500 Points for Doubles. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the input folks. It will be a random partner for each game so we can not really synergise our lists. :( One Vamp is a weakness :vampire3:. The plan is I will take battlefield centre and get my team mate to cover both flanks. I played with two Vamps last time but got obliterated by...
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    1500 Points for Doubles. Any suggestions?

    Salutations Readers, Playing a few doubles games next week. I usually play 40k so have put the following Vampire list together with my Mantic Army. Knights and Bats were for some fast units to try and kill/tie up enemy War machines. I know I will be playing against Dwarves and Empire...