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  1. Irisado

    Vampire Lords . . . What Happened?

    Let's not descend into making personal comments. The most obvious of these has been removed.
  2. Irisado

    I have Returned...

    Welcome back :). I didn't like Age of Sigmar when it first came out, but there have been significant improvements since then. As a result, if you have a gaming group which is interested in playing, I'd recommend giving it another go.
  3. Irisado

    Total war: Warhammer Vampire Counts trailer released!

    I was initially excited, but the trailer left me having mixed emotions. On the one hand, I like the setting, the narrative of recovering or pilfering trinkets from the Lizardmen, and the zombie pirates. On the other, I really did not warm to the constructs or sea creatures. This is meant to...
  4. Irisado

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes

    I'd rather see new models for Soulblight, especially Blood Knights, than a new faction per se.
  5. Irisado

    Farmer's Undead

    The work on the Vargheists is progressing very well. They look suitably menacing and imposing.
  6. Irisado

    Waking from the long nap

    Welcome back :). It's very good to see someone else getting back into the game after a break. The Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon is a fantastic model, assuming that's the one to which you are referring.
  7. Irisado

    WK's Undead Meanderings

    Thanks for the link. There's some great work on those He-Man miniatures there. Indeed. He relied on his havoc staff most of the time. He makes much greater use of his sword in the 2002/3 cartoon series, although he still favours the havoc staff.
  8. Irisado

    WK's Undead Meanderings

    I love the He-Man and Skeletor diorama. I had no idea that someone had sculpted miniatures for Skeletor and He-Man. I will have to look into this further. Interestingly, when they updated Master of the Universe with new toys and a new cartoon series in 2002/2003, Skeletor's sword was able to...
  9. Irisado

    Borgnine's Log: Another liche and a zombie wedding present!

    Outstanding work all round. My favourite element of this model is, however, undoutedly the use of colour. You have the shades of red spot on, from the fiery orangy red to the darker shades. This is a superb centrepiece for your army.
  10. Irisado

    Farmer's Undead

    The colour on the wings for the work in progress models looks great from where I am sitting. I look forward to seeing how these Vargheists develop.
  11. Irisado


    Welcome :). You've come to the right place for painting and modelling with your Death force. I hope that you gain inspiration from others here and share your own ideas to inspire others too. I look forward to seeing your work :).
  12. Irisado

    Soulblight vs Bonesplitterz - 500 points

    Thanks for compiling an enjoyable report. It looked like a fun game to play, even though Soublight were thoroughly defeated. I was also thoroughly crushed in my first, and so far only, game of Age of Sigmar last year, but my opponent and I were both playing the game for the first time, so I...
  13. Irisado

    New Nighthaunts

    The cost of some units does seem to be rather high in my opinion. Maybe I just don't get paid enough in my line of work, but I must say that I cannot justify spending on my money of any of the new models because the cost is too high for the number of games that I'm likely to play.
  14. Irisado

    Genevieve Novels

    Thanks for the information. I've gone ahead and ordered Drachenfels for £11, which was the cheapest that I could get it new. I do like the sound of a short extract that I read. It feels a little like an Advanced Heroquest adventure, so it should suit me.
  15. Irisado

    Genevieve Novels

    I found a copy of all four novels in one book on Amazon, but at £57 new it's too expensive, unfortunately. I can get a copy of Drachenfells new for around £10. There are lots of cheap used copies, but if there's one thing that I hate it is used books. How much of a role does Genevieve...
  16. Irisado

    Favourite/Worst Change from WHFB to AoS?

    On the issue of special rules, I find it much easier to have them all on the warscrolls. It makes them much quicker to find if I forget anything and after playing a number of games using the same scrolls, it becomes easy to remember what they all do. It's just a change for all those of us who...
  17. Irisado

    New wave of Made to Order models

    They can still be made to fit, but some elements of the models look very dated now. The skeleton horses, for example, are really awful compared to even later Warhammer versions of the skeleton steed, so in that sense some models can be very dated. Dragons and monsters have also improved...
  18. Irisado

    WHFB to AoS Timeline

    Thanks DoN :). I look forward to seeing this filled in more, as I missed eighth edition of Warhammer, so I don't really fully understand what happened during the End Times and how the realms of Age of Sigmar came about.
  19. Irisado

    Undead stronghold fluff

    Even though Vampire and Necromancers can raise the dead, there are still plenty of functions which living servants can perform. Servants can go into the world of the living to act as spies, messengers, or even trade. They can also maintain the grounds and take decisions in a more proactive way...
  20. Irisado

    Undead stronghold fluff

    If the vampire warlord in question were a Blood Dragon, you could probably add a substantial armoury to that list. In view of their honour, there would probably be an absence of thralls, but loyal soldiers instead.