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  1. brr-icy

    So i did it...

    My initial back of the head idea was building a field-able army at 3,200 points for every army in fantasy 6th edition. Then the special characters, then factions kicked in, then the Storm of Chaos lists... I kind of went overboard, so I ended up with (minus the ones on the paint table)...
  2. brr-icy

    Everything has round 40k bases!?! o_0

    That's ok. I slogged through a few aos games and realized i hated 40k just as much with fantasy skins. 6th has made a worldwide comeback, with tournaments and the whole bit. Enjoying the new models for wfb though. The warcry furies are great.
  3. brr-icy

    Farmer's Undead

    Very nice
  4. brr-icy

    Everything has round 40k bases!?! o_0

    I just gave aos the finger and went back to 6th, hundreds of people are doing the same.
  5. brr-icy

    WHFB to AoS Timeline

    For me it goes wfb/storm of chaos, repeat, the end.
  6. brr-icy

    Brr-icy's Random Painting Mission.

    Ok...i bought all the things. I have a 6,000 point dark elf army, 10,000 pint orcs and goblins, a 4,000 dow, and 6,000 point high elf army that i am nearly done painting. And increased my chaos army to have a selection of beastmen and daemons for every god and at least one special character for...
  7. brr-icy

    So, what's everyone working on?

    I have assembled a crap ton of stuff, going to be murder painting all them
  8. brr-icy

    Brr-icy's Random Painting Mission.

    With my main mission being a good sized army of each faction (5,000+ points) I am getting close to completing the purchasing side, now it's just the painting and basing. Painting I have three main armies left, O&G, High Elves (half done) and Dark Elves. I have small units and characters sitting...
  9. brr-icy

    Hi there

    Nice, I think I am close to 12,000 points (maybe 15,000) on my VC. I have had them since I was a kid.
  10. brr-icy

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Them Bones

    Got a rank of Cursed Company done, I'll drop that in here in a bit
  11. brr-icy

    Hi there

    Welcome, I also took a long break (14 years) and came back within the last year and a half. I kind of went overboard and bought every army so there was always a choice at my house, but VC have always been my main army.
  12. brr-icy

    Brr-icy's Random Painting Mission.

    Got a ton more done (probably should focus on basing for a month or a year or so lol.) There's a bunch of models I have painted since last posting that I have no good pics of, I'll see what I can do to get some real shots of them soon. My goal of every army at close to 5,000 points is...
  13. brr-icy

    KS Undeads, Fallen County of Ampurias - LastSword

    Ooh, i like the look of some of these models a lot. I'm working on a Knight themed VC sub army faction. I might be in need of a couple of those lol
  14. brr-icy


    Welcome. Mucho gusto. Solo poquito espanol.
  15. brr-icy

    Show us your other armies (undead-themed)

    that looks awesome.
  16. brr-icy

    So, what's everyone working on?

    His story is that the chaos dwarfs built him a metal rhinox. I figured grabbing a junker juggernaut would fit that nicely
  17. brr-icy

    So, what's everyone working on?

    A bunch of stuff, Ghark Ironskin for my ogres. Finished my dwarfs finally. so in the last month and a bit I have painted: 20 Miners 16 Longbeards 4 warmachine crew Oldest White Dwarf Lord Skrolk 5 gutter/tunnel runners Organ gun Thunder Lizard Tichi Huichi and five raiders Arbaal Crom...
  18. brr-icy

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Them Bones

    hmm, I have a new Manfred model i've been dying to paint, he's on a skeletal horse, that work? I dunno what else I have that's bones to work with other than an old metal grave guard standard bearer. This time I'll use my real camera since I'll have the stuff set up, maybe actually get a vote...
  19. brr-icy

    The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose

    my favourite skellie units mix all the generations of them, people aren't the same size, so scale creep doesn't factor in as much. Nice stuff