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  1. Eternal Salvation

    Grimghast Reapers

    Anyone converted or painted the Reapers yet? I've just seen one person's on FB: When cool new models like these come out I almost feel just like using them as-is. Their satiation of my need for novelty will probably wear off after a year or so, and then I'll feel like I /need/ to convert...
  2. Eternal Salvation

    So I always wanted a plog...

    Too bad I don't really paint anymore. However, I do love converting and finally thought I'd ask if people don't mind a clog instead? Mostly I've just shamelessly stolen ideas from others around the internet, but sometimes put my own twist on things, or else made up something myself...
  3. Eternal Salvation

    Mortis Engine Necro's Hand

    Hey guys, this is driving me nuts, and I could use some help. I've had a Mortis Engine kit for a couple years and keep clipping bits off of it, including the necro. I decided to use him to make a vampire conversion, but cant find his right hand. So I looked over my sprue and in my bitz boxes...
  4. Eternal Salvation

    Tourney List

    Hey guys, I'm playing in a tourney upcoming. Just made a list, which is good timing as they're due today! Thoughts? I play in an elf-heavy meta. I'm pretty worried about the Horror, but don't have a lot to replace it with besides GG, more vamp knights, or a coach (but they're not worth it...
  5. Eternal Salvation

    Forum Organization and Title Hover-Text

    Hey guys, I haven't been in to more than 4-5 subforums on CN for a couple years, and now that I'm looking for somewhere to post, I can't remember which is which. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, as when you hover a description of the board comes up, however I'm finding that a number of...
  6. Eternal Salvation

    skeltal wings

    Hey guys, Anyone know where I can get some skeletal wings to make undead pegasi? I've shamelessly taken an idea from this site for putting the coven throne vamps on horses and adding wings, but I would really prefer skeletal wings to the meaty, muscular vargheist wings. Any ideas? Sorry for...
  7. Eternal Salvation

    Hero-sized torsos

    Hey guys, Anyone know a kit where you can get hero-sized torsos? Maybe chaos knights? I've been making an empire themed VC army for some time now, and I've started to convert a unit of blood knights for 9th Age. So far I've just made one, but was thinking to make 5. Overall, the plan is to...
  8. Eternal Salvation

    Panic due to scream

    Hey guys, Seeing as a scream isn't actually a shooting attack, I suppose that you wouldn't take a panic test for 25% casualties. If you did, do you know of any rules that state you wouldn't take it while engaged in combat? Thanks!
  9. Eternal Salvation

    Terror test whilst in combat

    Hey guys, Had a discussion with my mate about whether or not a unit takes a terror check if charged while in combat. There was nothing against it in the rules for terror, or in the FAQ or errata for same page that we could find. Anyone know of a rule/page number that suggests you wouldn't...
  10. Eternal Salvation

    W: Cursed Company Lizardmen H: lots!

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my hands on some old cursed company models, but just the lizardman. I'm not interested in any of the other Cursed Company models. I would pay cash, paypal, or we could trade models. If you also like old models, I have many kicking around, or I could trade for...
  11. Eternal Salvation

    Multiple Sclerosis Charity Tourney 1000 points team list

    Hey guys, So I'm entering a 1000 point 2v2 tourney with the aim to raise money for MS research in a couple weeks. Originally I had heard that the tourney would allow no lords, and only 25% heroes. So had been making lists to go with that. I just got the players pack and it's 50% heroes, so...
  12. Eternal Salvation

    Black Coach Rules

    I played against an opponent the other day whose reading of the black coach levelling rules was quite different that I'd ever thought of, but couldn't see anything against it. Our short discussion hinged on the following two sections of text: All of the increases listed are cumulative. Total...
  13. Eternal Salvation

    w: Metal Dragon wings H: cash, paypal

    I'm looking for some bendable metal wings. I have cash!
  14. Eternal Salvation

    More 'realistic' VC now with UL?

    I like to play fluffy lists a little more than comp lists, so with the new UL I realized we can now have shooting in our armies. Anyone else thought of taking archers? They always hit on 5s and can have killing blow with a mage~ It's almost as good as back in the Sylvanian list when you could...
  15. Eternal Salvation

    Eternal Savlations WIPs

    Hello fellow immortals, So I dug out the old case and unpacked the workshop the other day. I found a lot of unfinished work, and have decided some of it needs finishing. Also some of the new VC models are amazing! For example, I never liked the black knight models before, but the new ones...
  16. Eternal Salvation

    The Screaming Circus

    Today I realized that you can have 3 terrorgheists in a 2400 point army, and tried to build something around that. Now I haven't played any real games in 8th Ed yet (just a lot back in 7th), and I recall the madness of the Flying Circus. So I've tried to build a reasonably balanced list that...
  17. Eternal Salvation

    BSB movement in VC

    Somewhere around here in teh forums I recall someone making a reference that seemed to imply the BSB can allow marches in VC, but I can't find anything to suggest it in the rules. Anyone know for sure if this is stated somewhere? Cheers
  18. Eternal Salvation

    Multiple Magical Standards

    If there are multiple magic standards in a unit do/can both/all affect it?
  19. Eternal Salvation

    Lord mount points

    Hey guys, In choosing lords, if you choose a mount like a terrorgheist, the points count towards your lord level allotment like other mounts, no? Does that mean that you could have 3 of them in a 2400 point game? :|
  20. Eternal Salvation

    An old blood is regaining power to rise again

    Hello fellow creatures of the night, I'm returning to a new account after a long absence from the game, and hoping to bring our immortal salvation to worthy mortals. See you around the forum~