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  1. Quinten

    5000pt Strigoi Vamp Spam

    I posted this on the ninth age forums but though i'd ask for advice here as well. +++ 5VampsorBust5000pts (BS2.0 Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age) [5000pts] +++ ++ Vampire Covenant (BS2.0 Vampire Covenant) [5000pts] ++ + Uncategorised + Bloodline: Strigoi + VC Characters [2000pts] + Midnight...
  2. Quinten

    5000pts Captains tournaments list

    Teams of four, my team's Lizardmen, orcs, and sylvain elves. I've never been to a captains tournament before so any advice is appreciated: +++ CaptainsTournamnt (BS2.0 Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age v34) (5000pts) +++ ++ Vampire Covenant (BS2.0 Vampire Covenant v14) (5000pts) ++ + Uncategorised...
  3. Quinten

    Cav-Star in 9th age v1.3

    With the changes to blade of red thirst I can see a cav-star being a lot better in v1.3. Each unsaved wound can get back a 50pt black knight or half of a 110pt blood knight. This essentially kills the need for evocation to be cast on the unit especially if the sword wielder has crimson rage...
  4. Quinten

    4500pt lists

    I entered into a ninth age league and will be posting my lists here to be critiqued. All games in the league are 4500pts and you can change your list as much as you want but have to play the same faction each game. You will be told the secondary objectives and deployment before the game. Come...
  5. Quinten

    Models in T9A

    Anyone know if its okay to use normal vampires to represent strigio vampires? If not does anyone know where to actually get some models, I refuse to buy fantasy models from games workshop and I can't find any models anywhere.
  6. Quinten

    9th age list 4500pts

    Bloodline: Strigoi Characters: Vampire Courtier, Curse of the Blood, Razor Blade, General - 470pts Vampire Courtier, Ghoul lord - 370pts Necromancer, 4 Learned Spells, wizard master, book of arcane power, evocation - 480pts Necromancer, evocation - 160pts Core: 40 Ghouls - 730pts 40...
  7. Quinten

    Spell Generation 9th Age

    So the rule reads: "All Paths contain “Learned Spells”, which are Spells numbered 1 through to 6. Roll a D6 for each Spell the Wizard has, to see which spells the Wizard can cast in this battle. If a '1' is rolled, the Wizard knows the Learned Spell number 1, and so on. If a duplicate Learned...
  8. Quinten

    Anyone Else Noticing the Ninth Age Website is Down

    I mean the title says it all. Just want to make sure this isn't an issue with my computer.
  9. Quinten

    9th age first v1.2 list 4500pts

    For my first v1.2 list I thought I'd go with the triple blood dragon vampires: Characters: Vampire Count, The Dead Arise, Learning 2, Wizard Master, Ogre Sword, Sprout of Rebirth, Divine Icon, Crimson Rage, shield (Warlord, Evocation) - 840pts Vampire Courtier, Learning 2, Perfect Warrior...
  10. Quinten

    Viability of Altar of Undeath (9th age)

    I'm making a list for VC in 9th age and I'm just having a hard time justifying spending the 400pts on one of these things. Screaming got nerfed hard, you now have to choose between damage and regen, and you can't take a DT as of 1.2. Essentially it lost a lot of its support capabilities...
  11. Quinten

    Second Ninth List Against...Lizardmen

    After the tie we needed to play another game of ninth. This time were going for 2500pts and I've decided to take a list much better at slaughtering my opponent. BotD blood ties. Lords: Vampire Lord BoS, ToSS, Hardened Shield, Crimson Rage, Level two wizard (PoN) 425pts Vampire Lord Eternal...
  12. Quinten

    First Ninth Age List v Lizardmen

    Like I stated in the post this my first ninth age army list and I'm going up against Lizardmen. I think the game will be around 2000pts. Lords: Vampire Count (Nosferatu), Book of Arcane Power, Talisman of Shielding, Staff of Gerhad the Black, Blood Magic, (Necromancy) 490pts Heroes: Vampire...
  13. Quinten

    What Spells to bring (and healing your undead)

    So in many recent games I have been noticing that heal is not invocation. Heal seems to be useful to heal characters and maybe monsters but seems to do little when used on units. Undead rats seem to be a much better option to heal your 'core' units. Surge on the other hand is IMO the best spell...
  14. Quinten

    Warhammer to Kings of War

    I'm having trouble deciding what to use all my models as in kings of war so I thought we could start a conversion system. I'll start with the obvious one and update this original post as people post suggestions: Vampire-Vampire strigoi ghoul king-vampire/??? strigoi ghoul king on...
  15. Quinten

    Warhammer 9th. . .Carpe Noctem Style

    So after seeing threads like Najo might be crazy and Fixing the holes in 8th I decided to throw out an idea regarding this topic. We host a competition, at Carpe Noctem, in which users can submit their own versions of ninth edition (Just core rulebook). We then, debate, come to a consensus or...
  16. Quinten

    What Fantasy Game to Play

    *Edit*The Poll Should Read:*Edit* "What Fantasy Game Will You Play Going Forward" So after playing Age of Sigmar Kings of War and Warhammer Fantasy Battles multiple times and examining the Warthrone rules I decided to share my thoughts about what each game has to offer and de-bunk some...
  17. Quinten

    Kings of War Tactics

    Now that GW squatted the entire Warhammer fantasy game there has been a mass exodus to KoW. It is a tight solid rule set and half of the functions people are praising Ao$ for were basically stolen from KoW (Set to wound and to hit rolls, retreating from close combat, no initiative, etc.)...
  18. Quinten

    First AoS game

    Introduction: So I went to my local gaming club and I had an opportunity to try out AoS against a Beastmen player. We house ruled a couple things: 1. We both took nine warscrolls. Period. No more no less. 2. Neither of us took insanely powerful special characters (Nagash I'm looking at you) 3...
  19. Quinten

    What would you like to see in 9th

    Lately I have seen a lot of nah saying about 9th over some rumours. A lot of rumours even ones that have been consistently repeated are way off base. With this in mind I would like us all to take a load off and share their ideas for what they would like to see in 9th edition.
  20. Quinten

    Rank/Skirmisher questions

    I recently played a game where I was running an unit of 2*2 varghiests they assaulted an unit of saraus warriors and the opposing player initially said they had to reform to be 3 with one trailing behind. He said the only reason that I was able to run them in non-standard (not 3 in each rank or...