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  1. witchking1980

    witchkings Plog

    It has been two weeks since my last upload... I have my 2nd Grave Guard unit ready to be painted. Today hopefully I will start painting them xD
  2. witchking1980

    Brettonia and how to beat them

    I have played against Brets the previous week. The scenario was the one with Breaking Points. I have lost due to a mistaken IoN. I am very pleased though because my blood knights have broken two units of Knights of the Realm, my wights with HW+S have broken twice the Grail Knights and the helm...
  3. witchking1980

    lords n heroes

    In 2000 I put a lord and 2 heroes, I can't put more because you need points for the units too.
  4. witchking1980

    Counts in progress

    Varghulf in reality is darker, probably the flash light made it look like this. As for my Grave guard and dire wolves I have tried hard enough to make them look unique and if they inspire people to do something like this then I am very happy. Thanks for your compliments Count :) Spirit...
  5. witchking1980

    Hugatsaga's Vamps so far....

    You have a very nice army! Good job :thumbsup:
  6. witchking1980

    Pox's Army log

    Your ghouls are nicely done, very unique color I can say. Your wraiths are also unique since they are all converted and I am looking forward seeing them painted :) Well done!
  7. witchking1980

    Maelstroms Undead

    The Ogre is perfect, very nice idea fielding different zombies :D
  8. witchking1980

    Normal's Ghosts & others

    You have given it a very ghostly feeling! Well done!
  9. witchking1980

    witchkings Plog

    Thank Goggalor! For the corpse cart I have used mostly the colours I have used for my zombies since I didn't want them to look different :)
  10. witchking1980

    Sanai's Vampire Counts Paintlog- WIP Test Skeleton wearing flayed skin!

    RE: Sanai's Imperial Guard Paintlog- Now with undead, and 50% more ORWANGE! The new theme looks nice too! One wash of devlan mud could give to the model even more depth in the shadows.
  11. witchking1980

    Uga Bugs tale

    Gold looks great indeed with an addition of a wash like ogryn flesh or maybe gryphonne sepia it would be greater :thumbsup:
  12. witchking1980

    The Capt's Corrupt Chaos Chaps!

    I would like to see the big fella painted xD
  13. witchking1980

    Santa's Workshop : NSFW Kharn

    RE: 10693 to go Isle of blood box high elves added Will you paint H. Elves? Skaven? or both? hmmm challenging!
  14. witchking1980

    Army of the Shadowsun.

    The models are great but we would like to see them painted :)
  15. witchking1980

    Big D's Dwarfish Plog of Plogginess,16/10/10 - Whoops. slight change of plan

    RE: Big D's Dwarfish Plog of Plogginess,05/09/10 - Miners dig in for battle. Very clean painting indeed! The BsB is perfect and the miners of course!:thumbsup:
  16. witchking1980

    witchkings Plog

    Making the fur different is an idea, though the different basing sounds very nice too. I really liked the result too, so that's why I can't resist painting it the same afterall.
  17. witchking1980

    Counts in progress

    My little monster is ready and alive!
  18. witchking1980

    witchkings Plog

    My Varghulf has gone alive and kicking a*** :twisted: Enjoy!!! I plan to paint the 2nd Varghulf I own....would you paint it the same as the 1st? or would you try something different? I am asking that because I as you can see in my plog I try to have a purple theme in my army.
  19. witchking1980

    Has anyone painted a bakarathi hunter before?

    it is gorgeous! It is very similar to the Striga beasts in the Witcher pc game.
  20. witchking1980

    Merenwens VC Army

    Very nice models you have there! The flying black coach rocks, Black Knights are wonderful and the spirit hosts look so unique! :thumbsup: