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  1. witchking1980

    Count Mannfred and noone else

    I was discussing it with my friend and we realized that if you choose to have Count Mannfred in your army since he knows all vampiric spells and death spells then no other vampire can know any other spell except of the necromantic ones (IoN, Raise and VDM) according to the new BRB the wizards...
  2. witchking1980

    8E 2500 Vampire Counts

    Probably I will play against Orcs with the following list. Lords Count Mannfred - 475 Heroes Wight King: BsB (Drakenhof) - 200 Vampire: Talisman of Preservation(4+Ward), Dreadknight (shield, lance), Nightmare, Inf. Hatred - 203 Core 30xGhouls+ Ghast - 248 24xSkeletons (Full Command...
  3. witchking1980

    witchkings Plog

    Well the list is: 4x spirit host bases(lotd models) 5x blood dragons (full command) 2x corpse carts (1 balefire, 1 lodestone) 2x Varghulf (1st one is ready, one more to go) 25x Grave Guard with great weapons (full command) 6x characters I will begin with Spirit Hosts and today or...
  4. witchking1980

    Painting Tutorial: Blood and Gore

    I have just found this tutorial with pics step by step. The result is excellent and I thought it would help many of those who would like to do something like that :) LINK
  5. witchking1980

    Basing, basing, basing

    At the moment I have 125 models painted but I haven't done any basing yet. Truly I think that basing improves the look of models even with moderate painting skills. I have been thinking of how to do the basing on my models having in mind my color theme and the colors I am using in general...
  6. witchking1980

    40K online teaser trailer

    oh guys, what we got here...I am quite impressed with something big I saw in this vid...have a look xD LINK
  7. witchking1980

    Counts in progress

    I will share with you my army and I am waiting for your opinions :redface: Sorry for the large post...:rolleyes:
  8. witchking1980

    Hello all :)

    Hello all, I am from Greece, 30 years old and I am a warhammer fan for almost 10 years. Mostly I play Fantasy and my favorite army is Vampire Counts though I have played many armies. I like 40K too, and I have Black Templars. I am assembling my VC army these days and I will post some of my...