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  1. Swissdictator

    Any old models you must always field?

    Some of us have been playing VC for some time, or have been in the hobby a long time and may have picked up an old model they especially love. I'm on my newest version of VC (4th or a revision of my third) and there are some models I've always had. Not many, but a few. The one VC model I will...
  2. Swissdictator

    World of Tanks

    Anyone else play this game? I'm on the NA server. Same screen name as here. I pretty much play all nations to some extent. I have bought a lot of garage slots, so I have a lot of the tanks I have elited and enjoyed. Americans? Running the Patton medium line currently. Also slowly pushing...
  3. Swissdictator

    Surreal dreams

    Does anyone else have dreams that are typically surreal or disturbing? One of my more surreal dreams: Dr. Phil was a bounty hunter who wore a robotic exo-skeleton. It had miniguns under the arms with blades protruding from them like bayonets. He had laser range finders that could drive you...
  4. Swissdictator

    Swiss's 4th VC army. August 13th update

    Yes, I love VC so much they are in their fourth incarnation. Though it is mainly a redressing of the third army, some stuff will be added. So it could be 3.5th... but that doesn't sound as cool. The army is themed as undead Empire. Still toying with the theme being either a hero of a town...
  5. Swissdictator

    Touching up my VC. Here's where I'm at.

    Looking for advice on how to further improve them. OLD
  6. Swissdictator

    3000 point list

    So before you read the list, a few things on my approach and thoughts so you partly know where I am coming from. I don't like Strigoi stuff. I just don't. I'm a fan of the Von Carsteins and the Blood Dragons, so I really love the classic army of undead rising up to crush their foes. Plus with...
  7. Swissdictator

    Awkward moments at work

    So, I'm sitting at work yesterday, in my office (not a cubicle, but a small room with a proper door). I hear one of the women at my job, a more mature women with the voice of a smoker, say "You know sadists? Masochist? You know kinky sex?" The rest I couldn't make out, but I dismissed it as...
  8. Swissdictator

    Any unit/item options you take simply for looks?

    As the title says do you take any units, equipment options, etc just because how it looks? For example, Skeletons just scream spears to me. I can't quite say why, but the image is there. Maybe it's from the 6E VC book's art. I'm not sure, but there is just something about it. So I take spears...
  9. Swissdictator

    Dark Elves test schemes

    Working on a new Dark Elf army Working out color scheme I want to use for them. Debating between the red on the armor or the pink on the armor Some have said to have the red highlight up to the pink as well.
  10. Swissdictator

    So apparently I look like Loki

    There are perhaps better pics, but this one is fun.
  11. Swissdictator

    Wanting to stick to a classic feel.

    I confess, I am not a fan of those terrorgheists and such. I like my classic Slyvanian feel (or Blood dragon feel) of an army. I'm also not keen on those Strigoi things (though I now have Mantic werewolves so sub in for them at least). Having played VC through the previous two books, I...
  12. Swissdictator

    Swiss's Chaos Ogre Army.[pic heavy] July 14th update

    The theme of my army is Chaos Ogres, and while I contemplated having all the Chaos gods represented, I'm a Nurgle fan at heart so I'm doing them all as Nurgle to make for a disgusting and disturbing army. I first got the idea making Nurgle Chaos Ogres for my WoC, but found I didn't want to field...
  13. Swissdictator

    What army would you want to own, and have it be 100% (or nearly so) classic figs

    Are there any armies you'd love to have be entirely "classic" models? As in older OOP models? Is there a specific reason such as you love the old models, or it works for a theme? I'm currently collecting "classic" Lizardmen to build an entirely classic army. 5th ed Saurus, and such... the...
  14. Swissdictator

    Some thoughts on Abe Lincoln Vampire hunter... movie vs book (min.to no spoilers)

    I have read the book and seen the movie, as has my girlfriend and we both agree on the following. Honestly? They are two different stories. Very different. While there are a few similarities (obviously hunting vampires), there is such a different story that if there were not a couple...
  15. Swissdictator

    Recent major surgery.

    I know a few of you follow me on facebook so you have already seen this, and that I've been inactive lately too. However, I had major surgery last month. I had Pectus Excavatum, and it compressed my heart and left lung. It had begun taking its toll on this last year or two. As an example, my...
  16. Swissdictator

    Mantic Kickstarter

    I apologize if this has been posted, but I didn't see it in a quick search. Mantic is doing a kick starter to raise funds for projects. There is a lot of cool loot for helping out too, including some affordable undead minis. Also, they will be making werewolves for fans of those out...
  17. Swissdictator

    Nurgle WoC

    First Warrior Block I have added a few more to this unit and created a movement tray. There are 23 now, with a slot open for a character (6 wide). First Warhound block Tried getting the gums on these guys a little bit. They're not amazing, but they're warhounds so they're a bit...
  18. Swissdictator

    Vargheists or Black Knights

    While I did ask a similar question in an army list thread, those answers might reflect more on my own army list there... I ask here: Which is better in general, black knights or vargheists? From what I can see is Black Knights have the bonus of armor, access to musicians and standards...
  19. Swissdictator

    2400 VC list undead Empire

    I do ask that you don't suggest ghouls. My list is themed as Undead Empire, and I do not wish to use ghouls for a variety of reasons (including not owning any). I did very well without them before the current book, and I suspect I'll do even better now. Vampire Lord Level 4...
  20. Swissdictator

    WAAAGHPACA 2012 A tournament report.

    I first should clarify I was still using the 7E army book for this tournament. It is a 2000 point tournament, and it had 74 people attend. Having said that, I was the only VC player there. O&G and WoC were the most common armies. I ran 0 ghouls, ran a hybrid Lord, and didn't take the Helm...