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  1. Capt Rubber Ducky

    2K Vampire counts.

    Without further ramblings my list: V Lord - With skellys Infinate Hatred Redfury Flayed hauberk 4+ ward talismen Anyone BtB reroll wards Sword of might Vampire # 1 - GG Forbidden Lore ~Other stuff Vampire # 2 Red fury Glittering scales Sword of Battle Devistating charge...
  2. Capt Rubber Ducky

    The Capt's Corrupt Chaos Chaps!

    So the list: 10 Chaos Space Marines, 2x Meltas, MoK, Champ, powerfist 10 Chaos Havocs, 4x metlas, MoS, Champ, P sword, Rhino 9 Khorne Beserkers, Champ, powerfist, Rhino 9 Khorne Beserkers, Champ, powerfist, Rhino 2 Deamon princes, Wings Greater deamon Chaos Lord, Deamon weapon 1...
  3. Capt Rubber Ducky

    Countup to 10,000

    Well its nearly been a day since we got all the way to 0 in the countdown from 10,000 (https://www.vampirecounts.net/thread-3695.html ), better count back up to 10,000 again its the logical solution (and to check if we left any personal belongings there). Hopefully people can count up better...
  4. Capt Rubber Ducky

    Good luck to those doing Exams!

    I know I'm doing exams atm, and so are a few others. So good luck to those with upcoming exams! Hope it went well to those that have already finished them! and to those with an exam coming up very very soon, what are you doing on here, hit the books! :D Anyway, good luck to all...
  5. Capt Rubber Ducky

    Dual deamon princes of slanesh

    Before anybody calls me on cheese, i'm not taking lash, well maybe on one, well probably both...but look at them *Points at Blood angels codex*. I'm planning to use these as deamon princes with some added wings, maybe swap the daggers for a whip or something. But do you think it will look...
  6. Capt Rubber Ducky

    Troll forged minitures - I think i've seen these before

    A New vampire and Wight model, sculped by Richie I believe. http://trollforged.com/shelf_fantasy_Undead.html
  7. Capt Rubber Ducky

    Necron Abyss

    I'm currently painting a Nightlords army (Dark blue power armour), using (or trying to) Necron abyss as the basecoat but...It keeps coming out looking more purple rather then dark blue. I usually water it down slightly and give it a couple of coats. My knowlage of paints is very limited to put...
  8. Capt Rubber Ducky

    2000pt list

    I've been using variations of this list for a while, I play in a pretty competative enviroment so pretty much anything goes (though that doesn't mean i like using the cheesyist lists possible :)). It would be quicker to list the armies that I definatly won't be playing against with this list...
  9. Capt Rubber Ducky

    Capt Rubber Duckys painting log

    I have about 3000pts of Vampire counts and about a week ago none of them were painted apart from being sprayed black (they have to be undercoated to be used where i play). I have recently got tired of looking at black models so have decided to paint all of them, if only I had all summer off...
  10. Capt Rubber Ducky

    2000pts of Vampires - Very little Magic

    First question do i have enough magic (i only have 6 pd) and do i need more magic banners? The List: Vampire Lord 405 Level 3 Red fury, Infinite Hatred The Flayed Hauberk, Crown of the Damned, Sword of Might Vampire 200 Dark Acolyte, Avatar of...