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  1. Lord Aldrek

    Back in the Game

    Hello everybody! I used to do this ages ago over at the Ogre stronghold, and now my warhammer fever is up a bit, and I just got the VC army book:konrad:. I must warn you though, I might be a bit rusty, and I have never used the battle chronicler before. Anyway, I would accept anything...
  2. Lord Aldrek

    A long lost dream

    A6 is just starting, and as I am playing a vampire character, and the search for vampire stuff brought me back to this forum, I though I might as well share my humble fluff with you guys. Any form of C&C are much appreciated! (especially critics, as I want to improve my writing) Before I...
  3. Lord Aldrek

    2250 pts of Vampires

    Hi all! It is a long time since I last placed my undead feet here. I don't know if any of you remember me;) Anyway, I have started to turn towards my inner Vampire so to speak, and want to drag the bloodsuckers back to the gaming table. Last time I used them was in the 6th ed. My favourite...
  4. Lord Aldrek

    Black Knight

    I'm making Black Knights from Empire Knights, but I have a little problem with the horses. I want them to turn out more like "ghost horses", but have some difficulty to find the right way to paint it. Anyone who have any ideas? Cheers Lord Aldrek
  5. Lord Aldrek

    And back we are again

    Ah, good to be back in the dark crypt. Maybe time to start painting those skellies again:rolleyes:. Cheers Lord Aldrek
  6. Lord Aldrek

    2000p of Vampires

    Characters Vampire Lord w/Dread Knight-Dark Acolyte-Infinite Hatred-Lord of the Dead Walachs Bloody Hauberk 345 Vampire w/Avatar of death and Dark Acolyte, Enchanted Shield, SoM 180 Wight King w/SoK-barded steed-Gem of Blood 14 Necromancer w/+1spell, Book of Arkhan 105 Core 19...
  7. Lord Aldrek

    Happy Birthday TheAdmiral!

    Happy Birthday TheAdmiral! the true child of the night! Cheers Lord Aldrek[/i]