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    Court of the Red Death - 2000pts Flesh-eater Courts

    Just a heads up, check out the GW FAQ section for flesh-eater courts. Looks like they errata'd the summoning abilities to be one use per battle per Ghoul King.
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    Waking from the long nap

    Greetings fellow night dwellers! I have woken from the long sleep and am assembling my troops for war once again! AoS 2nd edition seems to hold some promise, I went down for the long nap when WHFB died but a good friend of mine recently had me join him for a game of AoS 2nd ed. It was pretty...
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    My alternative zombies

    Wow, very nicely done, those look fantastic
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    Winged Vampire Lord- Secret Santa

    That is an amazing job. I like your interpretation of the wing; it's very unique and I think it looks great.
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    Steam-punk Vampire Counts

    Love the concept Atoom. The Rocketeers are really inventive and aside from the Doomsday Machine they are my favorite conversion you have up so far.
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    Couple questions about challenges

    @ #2: Yes, a lowly champion that kills a character in a challenge will score extra Victory Points for achieving such a feat.
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    What VC Rules Questions need to be Errated?

    Q: Should the Cadaverous Cuirass from the Vampire Magic Items list prevent Heroic Killing Blow as well?
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    Ard Boyz 3000 points

    Well, that's a toss up. Against empire, the wraiths are hands down the better option, but against daemons blood knights are probably better.
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    Ard Boyz 3000 points

    Here's what I think you should change to maximize the effectiveness of your list: 3000 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster Count Mannfred (525 pts) -Earthing Rod -Dispel Scroll Necromancer (130 pts) -Invocation, Raise Dead, Vanhel's Danse -Obsidian Lodestone (MR3) Necromancer (110 pts) -Invocation...
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    Here's my thoughts on this trend: with the hit from the nerf bat our choices for effective units have greatly diminished. Dire wolves are a retarded parody of what they used to be, fell bats now need to be within the general's or a vampire's range to make a full fly move and may or may not be...
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    Which Lore Would You Choose?

    I think Death will be the best Lore for us to take alongside our Lore because with the power dice generating ability it should allow us to have a decent magic phase in which we get to cast some nastiness and still have dice left over to Invoc our own army.
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    War Beasts and IoN

    You might be right about that. However, I think it was intentional in the Vampire Book to be able to raise D6 wounds for Fell Bats and Bat Swarms at a time and if you look at the Errata/FAQ Fell Bats, Bat Swarms and Dire Wolves and their changes are listed literally one after the other; Dire...
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    Grave Guard

    No other character aside from the army BSB may carry a magic banner. You can look that up in the new BRB under the common magic items list where they have the standards listed.
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    War Beasts and IoN

    Fell Bats are indeed war beasts in the new BRB but the BRB also states that the army books always take precedence over the BRB. Fell Bats are still listed as infantry in the Vamp Book, that wasn't changed by the FAQ, so Fell Bats can still be raised D6 wounds at a time until a time when GW...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hey all, I've been apart of the forum for several months but haven't been very active and realized I never introduced myself. I've been playing VC since 6th edition over here in the western United States and I love the army. Glad to meet you all.
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    Thoughts on 8th edition lord set ups?

    For a 2k combat lord, I think a Vamp Lord with Ogre Sword (+2 Strength), Dragonhelm (+1 AS & 2+ WS vs. Fire attacks), Crown of Damnation and Rogue Shard (models in base contact re-roll successful saves, assuming of course that doesn't affect him also) or Black Periapt. Bloodline powers would be...
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    Manfred Viable with +6 to cast?

    He will actually have 14 spells now since all of the BRB magic lores have a 7th inherent spell.