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  1. Oppenheimer

    Remove rule

    What is the purpose of this rule? As long as the new post adds to a discussion isn't it better than starting a post on a brand new topic and cluttering up the search? I recommend removing this rule as it's old fashioned and we are trying to keep membership up.
  2. Oppenheimer


    I was just wondering whether anyone on here plays Malifaux ? Well check it out if you have a spare five minutes. http://wyrd-games.net/ Malifaux is a skirmish level miniature war game set in a "SteamVictorioHorrorWestPunk" setting. The minis are absolutely gorgeous, and as you only need about...
  3. Oppenheimer

    Battlelines from sub factions

    Someone at my store today said that because I was using flesh eater allegiance in order to make flayers battleline I can't have any of the death allegiance benefits (like artefacts and the death ward save). Is that how you guys have been doing it? If so, that makes the sub factions that don't...
  4. Oppenheimer

    Death Allegiance Save Question

    At my local GW store they are saying that I was doing the death alliance 6+ (or 5+) save incorrectly. Here's how I was doing it: Saves Before Damage Opponent's 1 Attack hits Opponent's 1 Attack wounds I roll the armour save and fail the save I roll 1 die on the alliance save, if I roll a 6 (or...
  5. Oppenheimer


    The General's handbook is coming to Age of Sigmar and with it are coming points and some rules to keep armies more balanced. Is anyone who was just playing KoW going to make the switch due to this? Was anyone still playing KoW? Doesn't look like there's much activity in these forums.
  6. Oppenheimer

    Narrative Play

    So people keep going on about Matched play portion of the General's handbook. But, I don't want arbitrary limits like having to take battleline units or only cast a spell once a turn. What i like about AoS is there freedom to tell a story. So, what has everyone heard about what Narrative play is...
  7. Oppenheimer

    Spectral Zombie Dragon

    I often play down at my local GW store and they don't let you use anything that isn't passable as GW merch. I have lots of great dragons but no GW zombie dragon. For one thing I find it too similar to the terrorgheist. I've never really made an entire model out of scraps before but I did my...
  8. Oppenheimer

    Circle of Blood Campaign Hack

    I bought Warhammer Circle of blood campaign box recently. This is a campaign from 1997 that features Bretonnia showing down against Undead (this was before they seperated out into Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings). GW produced a novel The Red Duke based on it a while ago too. Anyway, I...
  9. Oppenheimer

    Last Chance to Buy Order

    Brettonia, Empire, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Dwarves all have around half their units (or all of them for Brettonia) going to the Last Chance to buy section of the Games Workshop store. If anyone ever wanted to get any of those. Now's your time.
  10. Oppenheimer

    Khalida & Screaming Skull Catapult

    The Blessing of Asaph gives +1 to hits in the shooting phase made by Skeleton units in your army. It appears as if even the Royal Warsphinx has the skeleton key word for its breath attack. But, my question is: The keywords for the Screaming Skull Catapult itself do not include skeleton. But the...
  11. Oppenheimer

    Fighting a Bastiladon

    So at my local GW I'm going up against a guy who fields a bastiladon. I have no idea how to defeat it. It has Impervious Defense. This gives it immune to rend and a 4+ save against mortal wounds. He often casts mystic shield on it giving it a 2+ save. How can I deal with this?
  12. Oppenheimer

    Strange sized models from 8e

    Hello. I'm struggling to play this game when it comes to some of my favorite 8e models. The 3 Mortarcs, Morghast, Coven Throne, Mortis Engine, Terror geist, zombie dragon, Nagash, black coach, and corpse cart, none of these have a base that fits with the undead army. It has no chariots and the...
  13. Oppenheimer

    Von Carstein battle

    I'm playing at the new Warhammer store that opened near me this Sunday and wanted to have an army that represents the height of Vlad's rule. Was planning on having Isabella there and maybe Konrad there if that's historically feasible. What other units would he have had in his army back then or...
  14. Oppenheimer

    Battle at La Maisontaal AoS

    My husband and I are trying to think up fun fluffy scenarios to play on AoS since the game is at its best when you do that. We heard that there's a battle at La Maisontaal that was written up in 7e. So we wanted to run it. We found the rules on redelf when we googled it. They seem pretty good...
  15. Oppenheimer

    Fortress rules

    I didn't buy the books about the new chaos fortress scenery but I have an old Warhammer fortress that we tried to play a game with but we were confused about how the scenery rules work. Normal scenery you just use your movement vertically to get over. But the walls are like 7-8" high so a...
  16. Oppenheimer

    Power Creep

    I was looking at the latest storm cast units and see that the Stormcast archer hero the Venator has a 2+ to hit on ranged attacks. I thought that was surprisingly good for an army that seems based around melee as it has very few ranged units. I checked a shooty army, the wood aelfs to compare...
  17. Oppenheimer

    Neferata on foot

    So I already have a lamia on horseback model that I would love to use as Nefarata without having to shell out money on the new mortarch model. So I was trying to reverse engineer the combined stat line of her on a dread abyssal. I have her stat line as the same as in the nagash book except I...
  18. Oppenheimer

    Reform amid victory questions

    I'm concerned that I'm reforming after winning a combat wrong. I have some questions if you wouldn't mind helping me. 1) If you enter CC at a strange position so you're not fully lined up with the enemy such as : xxxxx ooooo At the end can the winning team reform just to shimmy...
  19. Oppenheimer

    Grave Guard with shields

    My first set of Grave Guard were 12 metal ones I found at a local hobby shop. They held their swords in one hand and came with a shield so I figured that they were supposed to be sword and shield. It wasn't until I bought a set of 10 plastic grave guard that I realize they have a great weapon...
  20. Oppenheimer

    2v2: VCx2 vs HE & Dwarves, 1500 pts each

    This Sunday we're playing a 2v2 game, with me and my fiancee both playing VC versus a HE and Dwarf team up. We're planning on using the vargheists and blood knights to charge ahead to deal with what we suspect the dwarves will field (1 cannon, 1 organ gun) and otherwise march the rest of our...