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  1. UndeadSi87

    The Battle of Chaloux - VC vs. WoC 2400pts (narrative report)

    So let’s make this a little bit different, let’s set the scene and you can work out the results of the battles from the story woven before you… The night had closed in around the town of Chaloux, little did those sleeping silently know that a short distance on the other side of the forest two...
  2. UndeadSi87

    Chaos Warriors a Plenty

    So...as the title suggests..its a question about Chaos. I have a gmae next tues at 2k points against a WoC player and I have a few questions cause i've not played against them in the new book. I've got the previous edition but not the hard back one so don't really know what they can throw down...
  3. UndeadSi87

    Opinions on the Magic Phase? Broken or Not?

    So, odd thing came up today. I've just recently started going to my local games evening and have been looking to get some games of WHFB going, however the response has been less than exciting.... Apprently there is a gentlemens agreement to use little to no magic in games...which as a VC...
  4. UndeadSi87

    W: Empire Militia/Zombies

    Hey! As the title suggests i'm looking get hold hold of a bunch of Empire Militia and Zombie parts. Happy to use paypal to sort out any payments and postage (I live in the UK) In my infinite obsession with the undead, i began and stopped a Zombie Pirates Army last year and digging through my...
  5. UndeadSi87

    The Vengeance Of La Maisontalle

    Ok so here is the deal, i've have had this freaking undead army (1 of three I own) sitting on my painting desk for ages and I've decided that its time I actually started it. However what i need to do first is work out exactly what I want to have in the army. I've put together a rough list below...
  6. UndeadSi87

    Heirich Kemmler and his dead buddies

    so it's been awhile since I posted an Army so I thought i would give it a shot. This is a current one i'm working on, primarily bcasue I have and love the old Heinrich Kemmler model and had to include him in an army of some description. So I chose La maisontaal abbey, probably one of the...
  7. UndeadSi87

    The Legion of The Fallen Queen

    Hey First post of the boards so here I go. This is my standing undead army, i've been working out the kinks these last few weeks. So far its 4 wins out of 6 :). My biggest problem was those stupid tzeentch demons...why must allow them to use so many dice! The general theme of the list...