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  1. Josef

    what ive been up to as of late (moved)

    Well with the death of warhammer i decided to start taking some courses and working on building a portfolio for making masks and prosthetics figured i would share what ive been up to. This will be used at Dallas con and at a haunted house during halloween. C&C is welcome. moved this one here...
  2. Josef

    Josef's Tomb Kings 2015

    Okay well here is what Ive got built or somewhat built so far for my TK army. Archers WIP Titan Casts of the Titans arms left to right 1st to 3rd War sphinx
  3. Josef

    Cast bases

    Okay so my army had bases with just static grass on them and tbh I did not like how plain they looked and people suggested adding stuff to them, so I went ahead and made a few bases with GS, rocks, and twigs and sand. I managed to get a mold making kit from hobby lobby for about $42 after the...
  4. Josef

    army transports

    okay so im planning on getting a new army transport to protect my army and im not sure what will be a good one for WFHB if i was doing 40k i would get another army transport and be cool with it, i used to use a large container with some anti slide stuff on the bottom of it, but im thinking it is...
  5. Josef

    stripping paint guide, start of video is NSFW at least here

  6. Josef

    just because its funny

    yeah i know would work in the lol, thread but its painting related and funny so ill post it here
  7. Josef

    cool stuff that could be used for VC

    http://www.puppetswar.eu/product.php?id_product=147 http://www.puppetswar.eu/product.php?id_product=333 http://www.puppetswar.eu/product.php?id_product=258 http://www.puppetswar.eu/product.php?id_product=259 http://www.puppetswar.eu/product.php?id_product=181...
  8. Josef

    need help with the drum set

    so i have my BoB army it has a band and a drum set the bass drum needs more decoration I cant seem to figure out what it could use any ideas welcome the rest of the set is still being painted and gs is drying
  9. Josef

    WIP Tower

    still a WIP doing the lighting for it what yall think so far??? yall will have to click the image
  10. Josef

    a really good article

    http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2014/12/tutorial-magic-effects-on-miniatures.html this is a really good article as a guide for magic effects
  11. Josef

    need some help

    okay so i have a model that comes on a 50mm base but being that im not using the GW model the one i have is much larger then a 50mm base. need an idea for how to get this model onto the base that is called for so that it can be used in play if i chose to.
  12. Josef

    im back...again

    well im back again lol, this time probably for a good long time stuff kinda normalized in my life atm
  13. Josef

    Asking for help for a friend.

    Well a good friend of mine passed away this last weekend, me along with his family and his other friends agreed that a memorial scholarship fund should be made so they went ahead and started one. If anyone can and or wants to donate to this please do if not then i understand...
  14. Josef

    question for don or any one who knows lol

    why is my profile pic on posts red rimmed? probably was in some forum newsletter i never read lol =P
  15. Josef

    army builder 3.1 and 8th edition update question

    okay i have army builder 3.1 and don't wanna spend the cash to update is there a way to install the update or am i boned?
  16. Josef

    realized something today....day 4 or 5 of being awake.

    i find it almost imposable to paint with out a for of love in my heart its been so hard to even get myself to look at my paints and brushes, I've been sitting here broken hearted lonely and i managed to find someone that has reinstated that feeling and y'all will see me painting again, so i...
  17. Josef

    being forced to "relax"

    well my family thinks im over stressed so they are shipping me to South Padre Island so that i can go relax... personally i hate the beach but its summer in tx and ill be alone all weekend im sure i can find some party going on to crash and it helps that i have a 4x4 dodge lol, and i just modded...
  18. Josef

    got bored and wow

    okay well i never bothered to look at zodiac signs and matches and all that jazz but for some reason tonight i got bored enough to...im a leo and the personality traits that i found are almost spot on for me then i looked into the matches and what was listed for the stuff on relationships fits...
  19. Josef

    Josef's tale of x gamer thingy.

    ...will add pics soon
  20. Josef

    good book yall should buy...when it ready

    well my fathers is in the process of getting a book published, its a book with short scary stories that he wrote for me and my brother when we where growing up heres the link it also has a vampire story in it, yall should check it out and after its out get it and if yall want it signed let me...