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  1. Angel

    Angel's TXP thread

    Welcome to my TXP thread! I will be painting High Elves for this project and the list of pledges is as follows: 1 Prince on Dragon 1 Battle Standard Bearer 1 Noble 23 Spearmen 5 White Lions 1 Tiranoc Chariot 1 Maiden Guard 2 Swordmasters (Standard Bearer and Musician Not much but I don't think...
  2. Angel

    Vampire Counts without raise-spam

    Simple question, but perhaps with a complicated answer ;) Is it possible (at 1000 points) to build a VC list that doesn't rely to heavily on IoN to actually work? And what would such a list look like. Sorry for the short and abrupt message but it's late and I've been studying all day...
  3. Angel

    Angel's Vampyre Counts

    So this is it, the paint log for my Vampire Counts army. Hopefully the army will progress at a fairly even pace. They are however, more of a side project to my High Elves, but I will try to paint some undead miniatures every month. Today I received the first miniatures, both are from Reaper...
  4. Angel

    First Vampire List (1000 points)

    So this is my first vampire list, please let me know what you think about it. Vampire - Dark Acolyte - Sword of Might - The Flayed Haubrek Vampire - Dark Acolyte - Cadaverous Curiass 23 Skeletons - Full Command - Spears Corpse Cart - Balefire 5 Dire Wolves 5 Dire...
  5. Angel

    Angel's High Elves

    Some pictures showing the units and models that I've painted so far in my current project, which is to repaint a part of my High Elves to a good standard. The aim is to finish a 2250 points army some time during the summer. At the moment I'm working on a Great Eagle and some Maiden Guards...
  6. Angel

    New vampire player

    Greetings from a High Elf player who probably will start a vampire army some time this year. I've been playing warhammer for about 7 years now so I'm pretty experienced. My main army is High Elves and despite my love for them I feel that I need the occasional break from the white-robed fellas...