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  1. Caller_of_corpses


    Scribbles is a project in which each post will build off of it's predecessor in order to create a story. Each edition of scribbles will have a goal in mind, such as to craft a tragic, obscene, or simply unnerving work of literature. In this months scribble we will attempt or create a...
  2. Caller_of_corpses

    The cult

    Evening friends. I'm creating a collective of people that live near me to play games of warhammer and such. If you live in Cali, let me know.
  3. Caller_of_corpses


    Figured I'd open a thread for pointless chit-chat, so here it is. I'm making the thread for cheap small talk, gossip, awful puns, and discussions on other armies. Minor disclaimer. May feature language and concepts that are offensive. Of you're 16 or older you should be fine. Happy...
  4. Caller_of_corpses

    Custom 8th edition house rules and campaign

    Hey guys, I've been doing some hard thinking, and I've been trying to come up with ideas for custom magic items, unique terrain, custom scenarios ect. Here's a magic item I've been looking into creating....... Livings folly: 50 points -One use only -Magic object when a model with livings...
  5. Caller_of_corpses

    Greetings from the caves of strigoi

    Hello, I am relatively new to the whole forum thing. I have been into warhammer for a few years, since a gw opened down my street. I recently have been looking into vampire counts, and your forum has been most helpful. This is the first army that I've been really invested in, and this place is...