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  1. Onikaigo

    Whats your largest army? And collecting goals?

    VC are roughly 10-15 K including kitted characters. Painted is around 500 points. :redface: Need to get working on that. I am pretty much done in VC minus the new models. I want a Mortarch and some monstrous infantry. TK are sitting at right around 4K, and I only plan to get a few more models...
  2. Onikaigo

    List making and deployment ideas

    ... I'm all for it. I kinda wanna play a game like this now.
  3. Onikaigo

    Dracula Untold

    Slaughter, you mean?
  4. Onikaigo

    Custom Escalation development and more!

    Hey everyone. I've been around for quite some time, then not around for some more, then back again, then gone again, and now I'm back! Good. Introductions complete. This gets long, so there's a TL;DR toward the bottom. Now, what I want to do here is develop a custom set of Escalation 'base'...
  5. Onikaigo

    The Glottkin

    Random, but did anyone notice the price increase in the Glottkin book as opposed to Nagash? 105 (at the gaming store I bought mine at) to 165.
  6. Onikaigo

    The Glottkin

    I have more than enough infantrymen, now it's time for me to focus on Cavalry and monsters of my own.... And this guy seems like a pleasure to paint. Or a terrifying experience. Either way, I may pick up one just to have one.
  7. Onikaigo

    H: 44 Crypt Ghouls W: Cash

    Very tempted to pick up the ghouls.... PM incoming with a question or two.
  8. Onikaigo

    Eternal Savlations WIPs

    Well done on that banner, and that Kaladrax is a very sassy piece in itself.
  9. Onikaigo

    Countdown from 20,000

  10. Onikaigo

    Dracula Untold

    Masterpsark, you're dead to me. :'( You said Bella Lugosi can go die in a fire. That's just...just...unforgivable! He's the ORIGINAL Dracula actor, and he was awesome. Beyond awesome. -cries in a corner-
  11. Onikaigo

    Old Blood awakens....

    Masterspark responded to my summons? Damn, I must be at least a level 3 by now to get his attention! Movin' on up in the dead'un world.
  12. Onikaigo

    Old Blood awakens....

    Man this seems like a dramatic way to say hello again. I've missed you guys. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! I've been out of internet range for military reasons for a very, very long time. I got the End Times book, plus Nagash, plus some more models, so I thought I'd come back and say Hi. If Hero is...
  13. Onikaigo

    What is your username?

    Onikaigo is romaji for a japanese term, which basically translates to 'Remorseful Demon' or 'Demon of Remorse'. Pretty much I was an Angsty teenager.... o.o Wish I had something more entertaining than that, I do. But it's just that simple.
  14. Onikaigo

    What is your Avatar?

    My Avatar is pretty simple. It's the picture I chose. Oh, wait. You guys want more than that. He's a roleplay character I used to run back in Chat, Free-form style roleplay at 'The Keep' and 'Realms' (Both chat style, I was Admin of the latter). Basically, a Demon with a penchant for summoning...
  15. Onikaigo

    The Lol Thread

    Duuuude. I want a spider mech. I want one. Naow.
  16. Onikaigo


    -Echoes- Hello...Helloo...Hellooooo.... I don't have my books, an unfortunate side effect of military movers. They pack everything and if you're not fast to tell them 'No', they take it. Good luck to ya!
  17. Onikaigo

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    nobuo Uematsu has indeed left Square, I read the article on it a while back. He was a God among Men when he had liberty to make his music. I shall miss his contributions greatly. I want this game now, but I have to struggle through such...linear and boring gameplay of 13.... o_o
  18. Onikaigo

    Germany Inbound!

    I HAS PLANE TICKETZ! Zomg I've been needing to scream that out in person soooo much. In Germany on the 12'th. See some of you in the not too distant future. :happy:
  19. Onikaigo

    Germany Inbound!

    Delayed even longer. Gotta love (Read: Hate) military 'Efficiency'. I get the dubious pleasure of riding into Military Outbound Services with my First Sergeant (third highest ranking man in the Squadron) to try and get things straightened out today, cuz my Squadron is apparently tired of seeing...
  20. Onikaigo

    What does the new avatar thingy mean?

    I have no idea, but I'm curious as well. Maybe a True Blood perk?