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  1. Aren

    Knights of the Bloody Rose

    So, I kind of want to surprise you all with the blood knights I will start painting very very soon. However, at the same time they are for a competition and I need some advice on a few things. And when I need advice,,,well I come here. My Blood Knights will have deep cliché red armour with...
  2. Aren

    Buying has never been so difficult

    Hey all, so firstly let me say that I have no idea if this thread is in the right section, it involves three games (WHFB,AoS and KoW) and is about buying minis. I have recently been stricken with a GW voucher of £50. Before AoS I'd have been ecstatic, currently I'm still happy with it but a bit...
  3. Aren

    W: Games Workshop Blood Knights H: PayPal

    Hey all, was wondering if anyone had the Games Workshop Blood Knights, metal or finecast? Looking for a unit of 5 with full command.
  4. Aren

    Making Kings of War great

    I am back! After my aeon long slumber I rise again to torment the users of this forum!!! Since I left the forum I see the vampires here didn't do much to stop the collapse of the old world. Ao$ has sprung up and unsurprisingly I have seen a lot of people moving to KoW. Just one problem...
  5. Aren

    Carpe Noctem Army

    What would you say to making a themed army for Carpe Noctem? What I mean by that is creating a list for the official Carpe Noctem forum, a 3000-4000 list which includes our favourite models, used in a meaningful way. An army with DoN as its general and the more prominent members as his...
  6. Aren

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

    So this game is out TODAY! As you can probably tell I am very excited, even though I haven't played other Castlevania games and I am not a huge fan. Here we have a game with more or less VC vampires. The lore includes armies of the undead, vampires that are actually...you know....dead, as...
  7. Aren

    Vargheist expectations, tactics and suggestions

    So I'm off to get my first two boxes of Vargheists, I love the models and their rules on paper are appealing. However, I have never used Vargheists in any game so I don't really know what I should expect from them. Are they yet another VC cannon hunter unit? (which seems to be every other...
  8. Aren

    Black Coach

    Hey all, I am thinking of getting a Black Coach as it fits my army theme quite nicely and would offer a very tough unit for my army, something which is quite lacking at the moment. So I generally want to know : how does it play? Is it a viable unit worth the £36 GW is asking for or would that...
  9. Aren

    Are humans animals?

    So, it's what it says on the tin really, in this thread I want to explore whether humans are animals or not? I implore everyone here to put forward a Logical argument, something that makes sense and is not self contradictory, for the sake of our sanity. Also, please please please keep your...
  10. Aren

    Diablo 3 thoughts

    So, I was looking for a fun, easy to get into and addictive game to get me out of this ditch of boredom and I stumbled upon Diablo. Doing some research I found out two things. 1. The game seems to fulfil my gaming expectations but is unusually expensive for its age and niche genre. 2...
  11. Aren

    The White Wolf

    Hey one and all. Here is a link ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0i88t0Kacs ) to a cinematic for The Witcher 3, an upcoming RPG for the PC,XBone and PS4. This is one of my favourite RPG series, my favourite series of books and I just wanted to spread the word and prove the Poland is still...
  12. Aren

    The Witcher vs TES

    So, on another thread we got into this argument, seeing as the topic seems to have some mileage this thread has come into being. The argument is that of story. Both games are great and having played both while I do prefer the Witcher I respect TES. The reason I prefer the Witcher is...
  13. Aren

    HIGH ELVES!!!!!!!

    Hey all, so it seems High Elves are next in terms of WHFB armies. I have no idea if someone else has already posted a thread about this but if not then here is a small sample of what's to come : http://pinsofwar.com/high-elves-leak-2/ (If the link doesn't work or doesn't appear as a link copy...
  14. Aren

    The cult of dark classical music

    Welcome one and all. So, I simply and utterly adore dark classical music. Rock I can listen to and tolerate but modern pop makes my insides become my outsides (you get that after 9 years playing classical guitar). Now that is not to say I dont like people who listen to pop, but for me it...
  15. Aren

    skeletal steeds

    Hey everyone! So, after buying a boxset of hexwraiths/black knights I have noticed something - Games Workshop are getting lazy. With the multi part kit you have everything to make BK and hexes, and they ONLY parts they share are the steeds. And bases of course but bases are easy to get or make...
  16. Aren

    Multi charges

    Hey everyone. So, every WHFB player out there is screaming that multi charges are great and help you lots. For example, enemy charges your troops with swordmasters, you guys get slaughtered but in that time you bring in you big scary unit in and make paste of the swordmasters. Now usually that...
  17. Aren

    Need some variety

    Hi all. So firstly I must say my budget is LIMITED. A lot. Which is made worse because I dont like conversions, If Im playing VC I want to field UNDEAD and not converted bretonians. With that in mind I throw this question (bit of life story before it though :P) at your feet: I have been...
  18. Aren

    magic armour

    Hi, sorry if I'm being really stupid with this question and have missed something obvious. Vampires are clearly labled as Wizards....so they can't wear magic armour? Seems a bit silly as a vampire WILL be in combat and no magic armour....well, its not nice. So, are our vamps allowed magic armour...
  19. Aren

    LFB ( Looking For Book)

    Hi all. Recently I have found myself with a little excess money . So I go "yeah!" and race down to my local games store. Yet as soon as I look upon the £30ish armybooks I have had enough. I could buy a load of decent books for that, not what is basically a pass for me to play my armies (my...
  20. Aren


    Right, straight to the point: Ever since new vamps have come out I havnt played a single game. I was a bit short of money at first and then I was completely caught up in bringing my Necrons up to date and giving them a go. Now though I am stuck with a last edition Vampire Counts army (loads of...