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  1. brr-icy

    So i did it...

    My initial back of the head idea was building a field-able army at 3,200 points for every army in fantasy 6th edition. Then the special characters, then factions kicked in, then the Storm of Chaos lists... I kind of went overboard, so I ended up with (minus the ones on the paint table)...
  2. brr-icy

    Should "Immune to Psychology" be called something different?

    In 6th, "immune" to psychology only covers fear, terror, and panic, but not break tests? Why not call it not scared, unless they are? It's a poorly titled rule imo. Just got curb-stomped by slaneesh because all the so called immune to psychology stuff got their heads messed with. lol
  3. brr-icy

    Chaotic insanity idea for introducing someone to WFB

    A friend of mine recently redid his basement with a 25'x6' table. He has invited the 6th warhammer crew over to play a game and teach him how to play (split into three or four separate games on the table) Our plan being a massive Chaos incursion with whatever armies for defence that people want...
  4. brr-icy

    Brr-icy's Random Painting Mission.

    So, I am currently on a mission to have a 5,000 point playable at 3,200 points army of each race in 6th Edition. I am not picky on models, so metal, plastic, finecast, new, old, whatever is game for inclusion. So this will be random, with many armies. I like to base entire armies at once when I...
  5. brr-icy

    Black Grail Knights? (6th)

    Hi, I have found rules for a unit of black grail knights. 0-1, rare, Etheral mounts, lance formation etc. I was wondering if they were fan made or if it was from a white dwarf somewhere. I have been trying to compile all the extra units, characters, army lists, etc not found in the army books...
  6. brr-icy

    Hello there

    I guess I should post here, I've been playing undead and vampire counts since 4th edition, they've always been the main army I play. I also have most other Fantasy armies. We still run 6th edition because I enjoy the balance of the game in that edition and I didn't enjoy AoS My Vampire Counts...