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    World of Arl

    First of all, yes I got permission from Disciple for this :D Now, I'm a member, and team leader, of a game called World of Arl. This is a game with aspects similar to some of the more structured internet roleplays (those that are run by a Games Master, who resolve character actions through...
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    The Fellblade

    The tunnel entrance burst open, a flood of Vermin Guard taking up positions around it within moments of its opening, their Warpstone halberds at the ready. An observant watcher could see that their blades faced not only outwards, but also in, back towards the tunnel they had just left. In a...
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    The Council of Thirteen

    Rask gazed around the room, his expression impassive, while inside, even in his maddened state, he felt a measure of apprehension. The Council of Thirteen were hardly an enemy to underestimate, and Rask had no illusions. The Council were his enemies, it just remained to be seen whether they...
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    TVC - Chapter 11 - Attack on the Violet Citadel

    The rumbling began slowly, barely noticeable at first. Gradually it grew in power, building up into a roar. The vampires looked at one another in confusion, for there seemed to be no source for the noise. Finally, with an enormous blast the ground heaved upwards, throwing those standing in the...
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    TVC - (Supplemental Piece to Chapter 11) Preparations

    Rask appeared in the middle of the chamber. Around the edges, groups of skaven, alive and dead, moved about on their errands. The centre was all but deserted however, a lone figure working on the new weapon. The raw energy could be sensed even by those lacking any power, resonating from what lay...
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    TVC - (Supplemental Piece to Chapter 9) Rask's Return

    OOC: i'll finish this off after a bit more talk with Disciple of Nagash :grin: The scent of warpstone hang heavy in the air. Rask stalked through the village, unseen by the skeletal guards that patrolled the streets. He had returned to the crater, seeking a trail to follow, hoping it might...
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    TVC - (Supplemental Piece to Chapter 3) Searching

    Rask emerged from his tunnel. He could smell the warpstone, scattered around the area by the impact of the comet. He walked quickly towards the crater, where he was sure that the largest concentration of warpstone would be. Just when he reached it, he felt someone watching him.
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    2250pt Army (with Zombie Dragon)

    Vampire Lord-Level 3-Infinite Hatred, Red Fury, Flayed Hauberk, Wristbands of Black Gold, Blood Drinker-Zombie Dragon-700pts Vampire-Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death (Great Weapon), Sceptre de Noirot, Dispel Scroll-200pts Vampire-Hunter in the Dark, Supernatural Horror, Talisman of the Lycni...
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    2000pt army

    right, trying to sort out my 2000pt army list before i start building it. not entirely happy with the points spent on characters, but this is what ive thought up: Vampire Lord-extra magic level, Red Fury, infinite hatred, supernatural terror, Blood drinker, crown of the damned, flayed...
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    Ward Saves

    something ive always wondered about is do ward saves stack up in the same way as AS? might seem like a silly question but ive never found out anything referring to it in the rule book, though i may have missed it. if i have, could you please point me to the appropriate page/passage? eg. say i...
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    1250pts Army for Tournament

    right, this is the army list i thought up for the Brisbane Conflict for my skaven VC: Vampire-Avatar of Death (Great Weapons), Dark Acolyte, Flayed Hauberk, Sceptre de Noirot-200pts (General) Vampire-Hunter in the Dark, Supernatural Terror, Nightshroud, Talisman of the Lycni-180pts...
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    Dead Rats Walking

    Well, i finally got around to writing my army background, or at least some of it. its around 10:30 and i gotta get up early tomorrow, so im stopping for now, but i thought i might as well post what ive done so far for your enjoyment :) so here it is: The origins of Rask It may never had...
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    The Dead Rats Walking

    Ok, since Sid said he liked my models i decided i should post some of them up here :) unfortunately first i have to take some better photos... my current ones are really very blurry. anyway this army was inspired by Borzag on da Warpath and his undead Orcs and goblins, as well as a few other...