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  1. Eternal flitter

    Matched Play - questions for inevitable FAQ

    GW now have an active FB page, where they genuinely released some FAQs a while back. I don't play AoS but I would ask on there potentially if you want answers.
  2. Eternal flitter

    2200 8th Screamer vs Demons

    I know I'd want either potion of strength or other Trickster's on the Strigoi, otherwise he'll really struggle.
  3. Eternal flitter

    Countdown from 20,000

  4. Eternal flitter

    0.9.2 Beta 9th age list (2k)

    Yeah definitely cleansing flame on the skellys is a great call considering you can choose to use it or not. I'm assuming RAI is that you have to choose flaming or non flaming for the entire unit's attacks for that phase, but yeah for 4 skeletons its surely worth it. As for performance: I played...
  5. Eternal flitter

    0.9.2 Beta 9th age list (2k)

    So I played my first game of 9th age this evening with this list. Would have used more points but time was an issue and we wanted to make sure we actually finished! Anyway this is what I cooked up: Vampire count, Von Casteltein, Dark storm, Blade of red thirst, Heavy armour, Hardened shield...
  6. Eternal flitter

    Countdown from 20,000

  7. Eternal flitter

    9th Age v0.9 Beta with Armybooks!

    First game lined up for next Tuesday at my club. Really stoked about it, the whole project has restored my hobby enthusiasm which had waned a bit. So thanks again for your hand in all this!
  8. Eternal flitter

    Old school White Dwarf

    One of the, among many, benefits of being a young guy in the wargaming world is that every now and then older era stuff pops up and it's like it's brand new stuff to me! I've got a new stirland army on the go including some battlemaster archers I found for peanuts on eBay, they're really...
  9. Eternal flitter

    Report from world's first 9th Age tournament

    Awesome job. Some great pictures in there as well! I'm really excited about this and it's efforts like the one you went to for this event that will make the difference in the game staying around.
  10. Eternal flitter

    9TH Rage Uk's first 9th Age tournament

    Interesting you should say that, most people complain it's gone too far! I like what they've done so far, shame about the naming, but that's probably a good idea. I would love to travel up there but it's a bit of a trek up from Bath. If some of Bristol vanguard go I might see if II can get a...
  11. Eternal flitter

    Farmer's Undead

    I really loved looking through your greenskins, everything is so clean and crisp; excited about seeing some of your undead now though! Always nice stuff to ogle at in your threads. :)
  12. Eternal flitter

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    Yeah I'm getting quite excited about it too, first 9th age tourney for the UK was announced yesterday at the NWGC, bit of a trek for me but I might go. There's also talk on TWF about making KoW a side event at the ETC; maybe smaller 4/5 man teams or something.
  13. Eternal flitter

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    Well here we are: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=130962 I somewhat suspected 9th age would edge it out, but in the end it won by some margin. Here's hoping there'll be some events in the UK at some point.
  14. Eternal flitter

    VC 2400p

    It's interesting but I would say you have too many speeds going on at once. Your general and his knights will leave the horrors and infantry stranded far from your level 4 mid game which is dangerous. If you're going down the Black knight route I would make the vamp lord level 4 and maybe forget...
  15. Eternal flitter

    Countdown from 20,000

  16. Eternal flitter

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    I'm British so the ETC didn't have too much effect on the tournament scene and comp under 8th, only one or two events used it, but as I understand it mainland Europe's scene was very much organised around the current year's AR and comp. So it's perhaps not a big deal for GW, but the decision...
  17. Eternal flitter

    Countdown from 20,000

  18. Eternal flitter

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    As opposed to the quite obscure niche it was pre-AoS? Interest for next summer will be down whatever they choose so to that extent you're right.
  19. Eternal flitter

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    I would imagine there would be some serious comp yeah. But there's just no way it will with the majority of Europe just not caring at all.
  20. Eternal flitter

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    So the ETC is voting on a new system that will replace WHFB 8th at future events. http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=131014 This is to decide how Team England will vote. To vote you need to be born in England and have played a tournament in the last 18 months. I think it's a...