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  1. Eternal flitter

    0.9.2 Beta 9th age list (2k)

    So I played my first game of 9th age this evening with this list. Would have used more points but time was an issue and we wanted to make sure we actually finished! Anyway this is what I cooked up: Vampire count, Von Casteltein, Dark storm, Blade of red thirst, Heavy armour, Hardened shield...
  2. Eternal flitter

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    So the ETC is voting on a new system that will replace WHFB 8th at future events. http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=131014 This is to decide how Team England will vote. To vote you need to be born in England and have played a tournament in the last 18 months. I think it's a...
  3. Eternal flitter

    River crossing scenario (8th)

    OK guys I was wondering if anyone knows of a scenario or has an idea on how to go about playing a river assault type battle in 8th edition. This is just for a casual game against a friend at the club (and also because I have a sweet new river terrain piece ^^), and I wanted to ask here to see if...
  4. Eternal flitter

    Thundergods recap in Bristol in the UK

    So been a while since I posted anything, but last weekend I went to Thundergods, a 5 game, lightly comped, 2400 pt tournament on the 20-0 system. I was using a list similar to the one that Pirate has been putting down, and it was this: So lists were closed for this one which I don’t like as...
  5. Eternal flitter

    Universal battle

    Has anyone ever used it and would anyone be interested in giving it a go maybe? http://www.universalbattle.com/
  6. Eternal flitter

    ETC 4 man team event list

    Vampire lord lvl 4 (Vampires) General, Heavy armour, Shield, Barded nightmare, Ogre blade, Talisman of protection, The other Trickster’s shard, Red fury, Quickblood 538 Vampire lord lvl 2 (Beasts) Shield, Lance, Barded nightmare, Book of Arkhan, Red fury, Forbidden lore, Heavy armour, Talisman...
  7. Eternal flitter

    VC ETC for event I'm attending soon

    This is what I've come up with: Vampire lord: general, lvl 1 (Lore of Vampires), Heavy armour, Shield, Seed of Rebirth, The Other Trickster's Shard, Red Fury, Quickblood, Book of Arkhan, Ogre Blade and Dragonhelm Strigoi Ghoul king: lvl 1 (Lore of Vampires), Skabscrath, Dragonbane gem, Potion...
  8. Eternal flitter

    Bunkerbrawl 4 recap

    So I've mostly lurked on here for a good while, but I'd like to be more active so now that I have something mildly interesting to post... here goes! This is just toing to be a brief summary of a tournament I went to this weekend, it was lightly comped, with no legions, but some of the end times...
  9. Eternal flitter

    Vampire afflictions/traditional weaknesses

    Wondering what anyone has to say on this matter. The fluff makes a point of vampires being weakened by the sun, but then they usually have enough power to block it out if they have to fight in the daytime. Also light magic as the typical "anti-evil" is there of course. What about any of the...
  10. Eternal flitter

    Greetings to fellow beings of the night!

    Hi everyone! I'd been looking at this forum for a few days on and off, and compared to any other I've seen it has by far the most inviting, and friendly community. The fact that it happens to be the VC forum just makes things even better! Anyway, I've been playing warhammer for a few...