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  1. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Kings of War - 1,000 Undead tournie list

    Vampire Lord on Peg 245 Ensorcelled Armour 35 Cursed Pharoah 145 Hero Onyx Ring 20 Mummies (20) 170 Regiment Brew of Haste 15 Skeleton Horde (40) 150 Horde Fire Oil 5 Revenant Cavalry (10) 170 Regiment Brew of Sharpness 45 Total = 1,000 Not sure if I want Sharpness on the VL over the...
  2. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    AoS Warscrolls are live

    http://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-vampire-counts-en.pdf Have fun. Direct links only, so just change the name in the title.
  3. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Idle Speculation: what will 9th bring for VC?

    So with the pending edition change, I've been giving a lot of thought to how things might turn out for VC come 9th. While I know that there's nothing but fumes to work off of right now, I'm still feeling rather optimistic about how our army might turn out come 9th. Thought it might be a fun...
  4. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Victory or Death - 2500 pt Swedish Comp Tournament

    Hi all, Fresh off the heels of another tournament. This one was VICTORY OR DEATH, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The venue was the Fraternal Order of Eagles hall (similar to a legion), which is our usual clubhouse...so kind of a hard tournament to skip :P. It was run by Dale from...
  5. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Can 9th just come out already?

    Seriously, this wait is driving me insane. The ET cycle is over. We know what happens to the fluff. We know that big changes are coming, but have not a clue in hell as to what they will be (I'll eat my hat if the current rumours throwing people on Dakka and Whineseer into a tizzy are more than...
  6. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    2,500 Swedish List

    Level 4 (Vampire Lord): Potion of Strength; Armour of Destiny; Book of Arkhan; Quickblood; Forbidden Lore; Level 4 Wizard; lance; shield; Hellsteed 518 General (Vampire Lord): Talisman of Preservation; The Other Trickster's Shard; Nightshroud; Red Fury; Quickblood; Level 3 Wizard; great weapon...
  7. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Gottacon 2015: 5 games of 2,500, 40 players, PNW US Masters qualifier

    Hey everyone. For those who have been following my painting log HERE, the tournament I've been tirelessly grinding out models for finally arrived. Gottacon 2015 is an uncomped, Win-Loss-Draw event in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Its a 40 man event (38 after a couple players dropped last...
  8. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    VC Weak Under Swedish?: why VC are underrepresented at the US Masters

    The US Masters Tournament is next weekend. 80 players from all over the US are descending on Durham, North Carolina to get their butts kicked by the 5 Canadian Players who qualified in the Pacific Northwest region. Every army (save Beastmen) is represented. And of those armies, every book but...
  9. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    The Lost Legion of Mekhet

    Hi everyone! Gottacon 2015, my biggest tournament of the year, is coming up in just over a month's time. Though I attend other tournaments throughout the year with the gaming club I play most of my games with, this is the tournament that I travel to every year with the crew I've been gaming...
  10. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    BK without barding?

    So I'm converting my Undead Legions list back into a Vampire Counts list after my big tournament in February decided to go back on allowing them. Argh. I'd been running horsemen with a 4+ save to house my two vampires, and getting around their low T/save by running them 3 wide. Was really liking...
  11. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Share your second Blender build

    So I'm sure that I'm not the only one running double blender lords now that 50-50 lords is a thing. The build for the first lord (QB, RF, OB, OTS, ToP) is pretty well-established, but what are folks running for their secondary lord? I'm debuting my double blender list at a tournament this...
  12. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Pirate's Road to Gottacon 2015 (2500 point uncomped)

    Vampire Lord: Talisman of Preservation; The Other Trickster's Shard; Nightshroud; Red Fury; Quickblood; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Shadow; lance; shield; heavy armour; Hellsteed 554 Vampire Lord: Ogre Blade; Armour of Destiny; Dragonbane Gem; Potion of Foolhardiness; Red Fury; Quickblood; Beguile...
  13. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Dread Abyssal to Zombie Dragon conversion?

    So inspired by Lord Tremendous on YouTube, I'm thinking if converting Arkhans Dread Abyssal into a zombie dragon for my Undead Legion / Tomb Counts army. Looking at the kit, my first thought is to add wings to it. But I'm not sure what wings I could use that would fit with its contructy theme...
  14. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Janky charges - legit tactic or sharp play?

    So I got into a very fierce argument on my club's whatsapp about a certain tactic that I employ with my vargheists. Specifically turning them around by "jank-charging" warmachines. To explain let me first explain the rule at play here. Page 109 states that warmachines do not have bases, and...
  15. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    2,500 Swedish VC

    (-55/536) Vampire Lord: Ogre Blade; Talisman of Preservation; Charmed Shield; Potion of Foolhardiness; Quickblood; Red Fury; Level 4 Wizard; heavy armour; Hellsteed (-6/135) Wight King: Nightshroud; Ironcurse Icon; great weapon (-12/90) Necromancer: Dispel Scroll (-4/225) 39 Skeleton Warriors...
  16. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    2500 double blender (competitive)

    (-66/511) Vampire Lord (General): Ogre Blade; Talisman of Preservation; Charmed Shield; Quickblood; Red Fury; Beguile; Level 3 Wizard; heavy armour; Hellsteed (-76/559) Vampire Lord: The Other Trickster's Shard; Obsidian Blade; Dragonhelm; Dawnstone; Red Fury; Quickblood; Beguile; Level 4...
  17. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    2500 tournament legions list

    Vampire Lord: Ogre Blade; Talisman of Preservation; Red Fury; Quickblood; Lore of Shadow; shield; heavy armour; Hellsteed Lore of Death(/shadow?) 424 Master Necromancer: Level 4 Wizard Lore of Vampires 200 Liche Priest: Dispel Scroll Lore of Light 95 38 Skeleton Warriors (TK): Master of Arms...
  18. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    3K Undead Legions

    Ran this list today and was really happy with it. 1) Casket + Level 4 + periapt is ruthless. I had double the dice of my opponent every phase, and loads of spells to keep my opponent on his heels. Opened every phase with casket 1 (which my opponent dispelled), and either ended with a casket or...
  19. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    Rod of Flaming Death in a WE-ascendant meta

    So I don't know about your guys' local scene, but the woodies are tearing it up here. The two WE players took second and fourth overall (and best general) at our most recent tournament. The best general went 5-0-1, with five straight crushing victories against his opponents (including yours...
  20. Pirate Robot Ninja of Death

    2500 Tournament List

    This is a slight modification on the list I brought to my last tournament. Allow me to give my reasons for each unit: Vamp Lord: the hellsteed makes him vulnerable, but also unexpected. He's got a 2+4++ with the enchanted shield, which I like (and for just 2 points, since you save on the...