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  1. Willmark

    W: Metal Armored Skeletons

    Before I take the plunge to eBay I'm wondering who might have a fair number of teh metal armored skeletons. These guys: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod1140303&rootCatGameStyle= I relaize that they can still be purchased through GW but I wanted to...
  2. Willmark

    The Word of Hashut- Issue #6

    Hello you undead things you! Despite a nearly 2 week delay it is finally here, what you ask? Issue #6 of the Word of Hashut, the ezine of Chaos Dwarfs Online. Inside you will fine a wealth of cool stuff and if you are an Ogre Player something that will make you smile. Take a peek at the...
  3. Willmark

    Issue #4 of the Word of Hashut is out!

    Hello all, After a bit of a delay the fourth issue of our ezine the Word of Hashut is out now out! (due to some issue at the moment link removed). Stop by and tell us what you think! Willmark