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  1. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Heavy Infantry 2K campaign list

    Hey all, Listed below is a 2K list I used this past Tuesday for round two of my mighty empires campaign, just looking for some thoughts or critques, also feel free to check out the progress of the campaign @ *Mighty Empires Campaign Log on Plastic Legion's Blog* Lord Red Fury Dread Knight...
  2. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Wilhelm's painting log

    Hello everyone. Been playing VCs for a while now, but the new models inspired me to get the brushes out again. Further more all the great painting logs here inspired me to start my own project log. This thread will follow me on my journey as I work my way through the new models...and...
  3. Wilhelm von Carstien

    2000 pts. Army of Sylvania

    [/b]Hello all, been playing the list below for a little while with some success, thought I would post it here and see what the other lords of the night thought about it. 2000 pts. Army of Sylvania HEROS: Von Carstien Count Nightmare (Barding) Level 2 Magic level upgrade Items: Book of...