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  1. Eduard Bernstein

    Bernsteins army building log

    Hi all! I just started my journey towards an AoS LoN Army. As a start I have decided to get a playable 1000 points army consisting of 20 skeletons, 20 Grave Guards, 10 Dire Wolfs, 2 Vampire Lords, and 1 Necromancer. So far I have 10 skeletons, and I have ordered the vamps, the necro and the...
  2. Eduard Bernstein

    Greetings from the grave.

    As a new member to this forum, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 30-something guy from Norway, who used to collect and play Vampire Counts back in the early 2000's (6th edition WHFB), who recently decided to start back up with collecting and painting skeletons and vampires within the frame...