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  1. BoneHeart

    Just a black coach...wait what?!

    Hey there! Let me introduce my black coach. It's still wip, due the changes on its top. Need some carvings there to make it look more 'wooden'. Made from a corpse cart, dire wolves, and plasticard. The other picture is a bonus. He will be my new vampire general. Lotr witch king with VC bitz...
  2. BoneHeart

    Black knights fully ethereal?

    I was reading the faq last night and noticed something. At the black knights entry, it says ignore the boxes in VC army book, and apply BEB etheral page. I'm a bit confused, my friend told me that now our black knights are fully ethereal. is this true, or am I missing something?
  3. BoneHeart

    Generals on AT/ZD

    Hello Fellow Vampire Generals of The Night! (FVGoTN) I have a cool looking LotR range witch king on fellbeast model to use for Vampire on Abyssal terror, / zombie dragon. They worked more than well in the 7th ed. especially the ZD variant. He munched through almost everything, and I could hide...
  4. BoneHeart

    Hungarian GT 2010

    " For the first time in 2010, Kristálycsarnok is proud to bring you the Budapest Grand Tournament. This will be the greatest Hungarian wargame tournament ever. The event will be held on the 16th and 17th of October with six different game systems. The tournament is going to be held at Zrínyi...
  5. BoneHeart

    Need advice for 2k pts vs Teclis HE

    Hello! Im going to play against a teclis led HE army on firday, 2k pts. That guy is full of cheese, im planning to bring in mannfred on abyssal terror, to counter him somehow... (magic heavy list) Should it be summon heavy? So, how to beat teclis and his army? Any help would be...