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  1. Fodderboy

    Are there any terrain placement rules?

    One fellow I used to play with would D6 for a table setup from a tourney he'd played in. 6 presets, no messing around. You can always roll for mysterious terrain as needed.
  2. Fodderboy

    Question about Vlad, Mortarch of Shadow (game tomm 2/22)

    IIRC, if Vlad has the loremaster attribute, he gets to re-roll failed castings under Khainite magic.
  3. Fodderboy

    Casting a magical vortex from the second rank?

    Would you get your dice back, though? Odds are, you'll get 2 dice per rank, which means you're utterly annihilating two+ spells worth of dice (raise, sun, IoN, IoN, IoN...) to get not much in return, unless you're just using the zombies as a dice bank.
  4. Fodderboy

    Transformation of Kadon and the mounted caster

    Apologies if this is a duplicated post. I didn't find an answer by exhuming other threads. What happens if you roll up Transformation and your caster is on a horse-like mount? Are you automatically resigned to take the signature spell, or is it the equivalent of rolling doubles or a duplicate...
  5. Fodderboy

    Has anyone tried Bondic?

    I just saw this article on gizmag about a UV cured cement. I thought it looked good, but thought I'd check here to see if anyone has tied it.
  6. Fodderboy

    Sorry, for some reason the chat thingus didn't update, so I thought you had logged off. I was...

    Sorry, for some reason the chat thingus didn't update, so I thought you had logged off. I was just wondering why my image of the pieces I started with was deleted, but those for that cool vampire lord were left in place. Please keep in mind this is not a complaint, just curiosity.
  7. Fodderboy

    Fell Bats and Flying Sticks

    I drilled the bats and sticks with a 1mm pin vise, pinned the sticks with about 10mm of paperclip, and glued the sticks to the bases. To centre the bit on the top, I cut an x across the tip with a hobby knife. Bats sit on reasonably well, and the tips don't break.
  8. Fodderboy

    Golden Bat 2014 Voting Thread: Open - Painting - Master

    I was really torn, but had to go for the Horned Nightmare. I wish I could vote another 4 times at least! Well done everyone.
  9. Fodderboy

    Golden Bat 2014 Voting Thread: Vampire Counts - Painting - Master

    I really like Kiril, but I had to go with the Swamp Stalker. Well done everyone!
  10. Fodderboy

    Golden Bat 2014 Voting Thread: Vampire Counts - Converting - Apprentice

    Great entries in here. Good luck everyone!
  11. Fodderboy

    Golden Bat 2014 Voting Thread: Vampire Counts - Converting - Apprentice

    Damsels of Distress riding atop a Coven Throne. WIP Pictures Removed
  12. Fodderboy

    When all you have is a Mathhammer, the world looks like nails

    I have finally gotten off my duff and done the number crunching (apologies to those who've been ever-so-patiently waiting). Included is the number of models needed to dish out wounds from/to opponent's models. pdf is attached. I can fire off the xls via pm if desired. Let me know what you...
  13. Fodderboy

    My Coven Throne Build

    Thanks for the tips on GS. I was basically wetting two sheets of plastic film, and rolling out the gs between them. I kept having issues with the film stretching and tearing, and the gs migrating to places I hadn't wet down, so it'd stick to the film and tear when I tried to pull it off...
  14. Fodderboy

    My Coven Throne Build

    This is my first WiP thread. And my first attempt and doing so much in the way of a conversion. I'll try to talk through the whole thing. Please feel free to comment on things I can do better. I can't be my own worst critic all of the time :slapface: Step A: Assemble the Pieces! You can see...
  15. Fodderboy

    Miscast result on Doomlocks

    My 100-block of zombies calls dibs.
  16. Fodderboy

    Spontaneous Log-off

    Fair enough. One never knows if these things are a symptom of some other problem, so I always fire my reports in to IT.
  17. Fodderboy

    World Dragon and Curse of Anraheir

    Ask them to cite where any other Dangerous Terrain damage is classed as magical. The hex causes the test, not the damage due to the resulting fail.
  18. Fodderboy

    The offense and perks of Black Knights

    As Eggy said above, plus keep your frontage narrow so you limit the number of enemy models in B2B.
  19. Fodderboy

    Alternate Crypt Horrors?

    I used Kings of War Trolls with judicious use of green stuff sculpted fur to cover the armour. Then I could use the werewolves with some hormogaunt (sp?) wings for vargs. I'll post some WiP pics soon.