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  1. forgottenlor

    Coven Throne list vs. Daemons, 2.4k

    I just finished up a longer campaign with my Tomb Kings, so I finally got around tonight to trying out my Coven Throne list and the new book. Here was my list: CHARACTER MODELS GENERAL Vampire Lord, Lvl 1, Lore of the Vampires. Heavy armour & Shield. Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation...
  2. forgottenlor

    Best Flanking units

    What unit is best to guard and harrass the flanks? There are so many in the new book, its kind of hard to choose. Here are the choice as I see them. Dire Wolves: +cheap +core +easy to raise +vanguard -can't be expected to do much in...
  3. forgottenlor

    An attempt at a Coven Throne list. Needs help finishing. 2500 points

    Based on the input in the thread below, I have decided to attempt a list (not finished as such, more of a brainstorm) based around the Coven Throne. https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-Alas-the-Coven-Throne CHARACTER MODELS THE GENERAL: Is not on the coven throne, but most likely in...
  4. forgottenlor

    Lord Aldrek vs. Forgottenlor 2.5 k VC vs. OK

    Ok here is our thread.
  5. forgottenlor

    Alas, the Coven Throne.

    I am absolutely taken with this model. I like the Mortis engine too, but the three Lahmians beckoning warriors to their doom is just too cool. The question is, will I ever use the model if I build it this way? Or will it be gatheing dust? It seems the consensus is that it isn't great. Can one...
  6. forgottenlor

    Dire Wolves- Now a good option?

    I'm not sure exactly about the new rules for Dire Wolves, but if its true that they now count towards core allowance, its seems they have become very useful as redirectors and cheap drops. They're speed seems to make them better in this roll than Zombies. At least this is my preliminary thought...
  7. forgottenlor

    2k vs. Warriors of Chaos, Competitive

    On Monday, I will hopefully be playing against an opponent with Warriors of Chaos. Everything is allowed (including special characters) and I expect my opponent to bring an exceptionally hard list. So here is mine: Unit 1: 13 Skeletons, Musician. Necromancer, Raise Dead, Danse...
  8. forgottenlor

    Count Darvaleth(Dark Elves) Vs. Forgottenlor (Tomb Kings) 3

    Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm and this will be our permanent battle thread. Here is Count Darvaleth's list: Dreadlord [General] - Giant Blade - Pendant of Khaeleth - Heavy Armour - Shield - Sea Dragon Cloak - Cold One Supreme Sorceress - Extra magic level (Level 4 total)...
  9. forgottenlor

    Count Darvaleth(Dark Elves) Vs. Forgottenlor (Tomb Kings) 2

    Sorry, Darvy, here is the new thread we need in order to properly upload.
  10. forgottenlor

    post count not changing

    I've noticed my post count isn't increasing. I checked my member info to be sure and counted 38 posts, but only have 22 listed. By the last 2 posts, I also confirmed that the count didn't increase.
  11. forgottenlor

    Count Darvaleth(Dark Elves) Vs. Forgottenlor (Tomb Kings)

    Here is our thread. I'll get the map up shortly.
  12. forgottenlor

    The buried kings seek vengence.

    Hi. I've played a handful of games with battle chronicler already on another forum. I'd like to play Tomb Kings at around 2.5k. Anyone insterested?
  13. forgottenlor


    Hi! I’m running a warhammer fantasy battle character melee called “Last Man Standing” on the Ogre Stronghold. All players have one Warhammer character model on a 20X20 inch battlefield with little terrain. The idea is to be the last survivor, to kill as many other participants...
  14. forgottenlor


    Link and information removed due to advertisement without permission. Disciple of Nagash CN Admin
  15. forgottenlor

    2800 points Vs. Daemons

    This may seem a strange list, but I figure I've got no chance in fighting troops against troops, and I expect him to use a flying general (which is why I'm using all of my flying models on US3 bases as Giant bats). I basically have a group of fast assassins (all my characters and the varghulfs...
  16. forgottenlor

    Abyssal Terror?

    I have come to the conclusion that I really like a flying lord. I've tried out the hellsteed and dragon, and have found both interesting choices. Its made me consider playing the abyssal terror, as it has many of the advantages of the dragon, but it is significantly cheaper, and with the points...
  17. forgottenlor

    3 necromancer army

    Vampire Lord, Lvl 3, Dread Knight, Summon Ghouls, Master of the Dark arts, Wallach`s Bloody Hauberk, Sword of Might, Power Stone . 425 points Necromancer, Corpse Cart with Loadstone, Scroll, Sceptre of Noiroit, Raise Dead. 205 points Necromancer, Corpse with Balefire, Book of Arkhan...
  18. forgottenlor


    Hello, I`m forgottenlor, an American gamer living in Austria. I play warhammer with some Austrian friends of mine. My Armies include lizardmen, skaven, ogres, and a sort of greater undead army of tomb kings and vampire models. I`ve been an observer here for a few months now and thought I...