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  1. Goggalor

    The old enemy arises

    Got my warhammer mojo back after a break, again. The Tomb kings have come out of their dust tomb and bandages ( their box and loo roll). And now there is rumours of a new vc book. So here is my new stuff! A WIP criticism welcome.
  2. Goggalor

    black library e-books

    Finally black library books are going digital. I have held off getting them till i can put them on my kindle. So secondary question: what are the best series? I read the G+F books along time ago but that is all.
  3. Goggalor

    vampire battery

    go to yesthetruthhurts.com read the vamp battery strategy. Would it work or is it a trash. It seems this purple sun saga rolls onward.
  4. Goggalor

    Vampire bats strike back

    http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20100813/tod-rabid-vampire-bats-bite-500-people-i-870a197.html Take that humanity! (sorry about the children)
  5. Goggalor

    Ghoul stars

    Who or what lives in the ghoul stars? And what are the hyper violent barghesi? Was reading the space marine codex and was wondering as it never seems to be explained. Thanks
  6. Goggalor

    2000pts vs daemons 8th ed with result

    well took my lizards out for a run so now it is time for the vamps to come out of their foam coffins. so here it is 2000pts. Vamp lord sword of battle walachs bloody hauberk helm of command dark acolyte motba lord of the dead necromancer corpse cart dispel scroll IoN Vamp tomb...
  7. Goggalor

    He must be empire......

    He must be empire as he wears a an impractical helmet!
  8. Goggalor

    battle foam carriers

    Has anybody got any battle foam carriers as they look quite good but just want to hear from anybody who has one. thanks
  9. Goggalor

    Goggalors pledge thread. (25 models down)

    My plaedge is: 20 ork boyz 5 nobz 3 deffcopters warboss SM captain 5 honour guard 10 devastators 10 veterans 20 tactical marines 10 scouts 10 death company 5 sanguinary guard 10 terminators 5 marine bikers 5 assault marines dreadnaught 10 skeletons...
  10. Goggalor

    lone wolf army builder

    well i am going away and cannot take my army/codex books with me and wondered if anyone has used it? is it any good or not worth it? thanks. there are some old threads but threadomancy like other mancyies is not welcome in civilised forums.[/align]
  11. Goggalor

    BA Knights Solar. (pic heavy)

    Well thought i would give my marines their own blog. Have not got a name for them yet. They are a WIP and quite messy at the moment and look very blinged up, hence the title, but a good wash should tone them down a bit. The flash does not help much either making them look very bright and...
  12. Goggalor

    What happens when chaos space marines die?

    A bit of a weird question. What happens when a chaos space marine dies? I remember in an old PC game Chaos gate they used to say "Back to the Eye" or " I return to the Eye" when they died. As the legions were of finite number when they rebelled are they of finite number now? Or are they in some...
  13. Goggalor

    Guilty pleasures

    Thouught i would start a guilty pleasures thread. I was caught watching Murders she wrote this weekend by my wife and she said I could'nt possibly like that tripe, yet i do. I am just wondering what things apart from warhammer, that people enjoy in a guilty way. Mine are - Murder she wrote...
  14. Goggalor

    Necromancer skin. Inspire me

    Help. I am stuck on necromancer skin colour. What are your ideas? I last used classic grey but am wondering what the crypts thoughts are? Thanks
  15. Goggalor

    Greenskins, bareskins, gasmasks and Nuns (probably NSFW)

    A kitsbash for my orks that is half done (as much of my stuff is). A looted skiff. My inquisitor and his harem, or acolytes if you must. His inducted troops. Some daemonettes that i use as arco flaggelents(?). His ride. A canoness. These...
  16. Goggalor

    A cold meal in the desert and a dusty dessert

    Started a lizard army and this is all i have done so far. Not even done the crew. I have lots of them on the sprue. will do them soon. Maybe
  17. Goggalor

    Epic 40k, whats it like?

    Have found loads of my epic stuff when clearing out a room at my parents house and started to look into it again. But it is all 2nd edition. Anybody play the new edition? Thoughts about what it is like are welcome. I used to enjoy playing it but do not like the new warlord titans so have avoided...
  18. Goggalor

    Experimental Black Knight

    A mad thought about the ethereal skeleton mounts led me to think about painting them as ethereal. Found an old box of skeleton cavalry and spent the evening painting it. So hear it is. Any comments or ideas?
  19. Goggalor

    Old but great games

    Just a thread for old games that you go back to after a long time and still enjoy. I have recently started playing x-com: terror from the deep. And am now addicted to it all over again. The game looks simple and rough now but the core gameplay is great and stands up to the test of time. Does...
  20. Goggalor

    Festival of history (picture Heavy)

    Just been to a recreationist weekend at kelmarsh hall in northampton. It involved loads of time periods, however no recreation of the vampire wars! Some great armour and costumes. Some ideas for empire and brettonian livery. Here are some pictures (lots of ropes in the way as i was sat down as i...