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  1. FatOlaf

    Count Olaf needs a new home

    I am retiring my VC, after having played with them on for nigh on 20 years.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=260618783821&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Pm me on here if you want to make me a buy it now offer... Ol
  2. FatOlaf

    New Wargames Magazine - Unseen Lerker

    OG Games is proud to advertise the launch of a new wargames magazine 'Unseen Lerker'. Unseen Lerker is the latest, shiniest addition to the collection every dedicated gamer should have on their bookshelf (or computer desktop). Contained within each bi-monthly issue are game reports from top...
  3. FatOlaf

    Long time no see

    Hello all, my name is Ol and I am known on all the forums as fatolaf. Carpe was my very first forum back in the days of Master Vampire and I had a short stint as a Mod.. I have been playing wargames since 1980 and have played WFB since 3rd Ed.. I currently have a fully painted 3K VC...
  4. FatOlaf

    OG Games - Discount Wargames - Recommended by Carpe Noctem

    Let me introduce you all to OG GAMES We are an online wargames store based in SW London, UK.. We sell WFB, RPG's, Boardgames, LCG's, Scenery, Books, Bags, Paints, magnets and other various wargame related products. We deliver to clubs in the London area, and currently run our own club in...
  5. FatOlaf


    To celebrate the opening of my new company OG Games Ltd, We are having a competition on our forum where you can win a whole set of Vallejo paints worth over £100. All you need to do is go here and state your name and say hello. The winner will be pulled out of a hat at the end of...
  6. FatOlaf

    Tree Huggers For Sale

    Hello Dead ones, I have decided to shift my Wood Elves.. Check the massive army out on my Ebay Shop Wood Elf Army For Sale Need a Good Home! :grin:
  7. FatOlaf

    Who you calling fat?

    Well hello all, I have not been around much since before Xmas and have only lurked a couple of times since Voltaire took over. I sort of lost interest in VC last year, and the new book rumours did not excite me much. However since getting the book last week and playing against EvC's vamps, I...
  8. FatOlaf

    More new WFB stuff for sale

    Hello all I'm having a clear out of unused WFB stuff, here on my Ebay shop. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/EgyptGames Have a look and see if anything takes your fancy.. I recently did business with Mr Voltaire himself and he can vouch for my good service, along with my fat Ebay rating..:grin:
  9. FatOlaf

    Black Knights for Sale - NEW!

    Hello all Having a WFB clear out and first up are new unassembled BK http://stores.ebay.co.uk/FatOlafs-PigPen I will post to overseas carpe memebers if you PM or email me first. More to come, will update here...
  10. FatOlaf

    Great Escapes!

    I had a great escape last night, that I thought I would share. Playing against Logan054's empire with my VC in a border patrol battle last night. My necro had been hiding in the woods to avoid gunfire and burning gaze most of the battle. He had GON thought and needed to use it so I moved him to...
  11. FatOlaf

    Classic WFRP books for sale

    Classic WFRP 1st edition campaign and source books for sale The Enemy within And the hard core supplement (good for Vc fans) Castle Drachenfels More books in the series to be found on my Ebay shop FatOlaf's Ebay shop And more to come over this month, look out for my new and...
  12. FatOlaf

    Mint LIBER NECRIS for sale

    Mint Copy of Liber Necris for sale on Ebay from me (having a clear out) Liber Necris Also having a massive clear out of my massive Video games collection, new and retro, keep tuned over next month to see new stuff for sale. Also there will be lots of rare and old WFRP stuff off for sale...
  13. FatOlaf

    Painting Log: November 2007

    Right then, we need to give our PLOG a bit of a kick in the ass! There has been a lot of silence from our initial plethora of sign ups, During Oct there only seemed to be around 5-6 regular painters who posted. So I know people are busy etc but there is no point in pretending is there? So if...
  14. FatOlaf

    VP's on mutli wound beasties

    This came up when fighting with EvC but say you have a unit of 3 ogres or minotaurs, anything that is multi wound, Do you calculate the VP's for half unit strength on the wounds left at the end of the battle or whether you are down to only one model?
  15. FatOlaf


    With my mother having moved to Sweden and one of my bests mates in canada, we took the plunge and started using skype in order to chat. With great chat and webcam action for free, it's turned out to be a great (and free, did i say that already) way to communicate. If anyone would want to...
  16. FatOlaf

    Charging out of buildings

    Was playing Logan yesterday with my skaven and in the last turn, the question came up about charging out of buildings, Logan was against the rule and said that EvC also agreed. Now the only thing I could find in the rules was that you could not march out of a building, is this what is being used...
  17. FatOlaf

    Painting Trees?

    I was walking to the shops looking at the trees (as you do :mrgreen:) and noticed that trees are not brown at all. In fact most are a mix of greys and greens and a touch of the brown stuff. So With the prospect of me painting my new GW wood, I was wondering how best to approach it. I was...
  18. FatOlaf

    Painting Log: October 2007

    Just to get the thread ready, post your WIPS and aims for the month on the 1st of October onwards. I thank you...:grin:
  19. FatOlaf

    2K TK vs Big Bad Khorne

    Whilst Count Olaf has a little rest from his nemesis exploits (and his last BR will be posted soon, I promise). I decided to dig out his Desert chums the TK and then decided to challenge Logan054's Khorne. It's only the 6th time I've used them and as you can see by my Sig, it's been close. I...
  20. FatOlaf

    What Rules annoys you the most?

    Well we all know GW rules aren't the best written in the world but which is the one that annoys the hell out of you? Me personally it's a small one, why on earth does a magic sword and shield not give you the +1 AS that a mundane sword and shield does? Makes no sense what so ever.....:devil...