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  1. Fodderboy

    Transformation of Kadon and the mounted caster

    Apologies if this is a duplicated post. I didn't find an answer by exhuming other threads. What happens if you roll up Transformation and your caster is on a horse-like mount? Are you automatically resigned to take the signature spell, or is it the equivalent of rolling doubles or a duplicate...
  2. Fodderboy

    Has anyone tried Bondic?

    I just saw this article on gizmag about a UV cured cement. I thought it looked good, but thought I'd check here to see if anyone has tied it.
  3. Fodderboy

    My Coven Throne Build

    This is my first WiP thread. And my first attempt and doing so much in the way of a conversion. I'll try to talk through the whole thing. Please feel free to comment on things I can do better. I can't be my own worst critic all of the time :slapface: Step A: Assemble the Pieces! You can see...
  4. Fodderboy

    Spontaneous Log-off

    Hello I was spontaneously logged off in the middle of browsing the rules forum. Time: just after 7pm ZULU Browser: IE version 8.00.7601.17514 Thanks for all of your work on this forum.
  5. Fodderboy

    Cascading Overruns

    So I'm sitting here imagining a glorious flank charge from my corpse cart, wiping out the dregs of a unit in combat, and overruning into the next combat, smash, rinse, repeat, and it occurs to me to check for limitations on overrun, as so many things have changed since the previous edition...
  6. Fodderboy

    Make Way

    Can you use Make Way to shove another character into the second rank, or can it only be used on rnf & command? The scenario I'm thinking of is 2 characters and full command 5-wide. Combat character shoves the mage out of the way if needed. As best I can tell from the BRB, I would end up...
  7. Fodderboy

    When all you have is a Mathhammer, the world looks like nails

    My statistics-fu is weak, but I can brute-force the calcs like nobody's business. I did up a spreadsheet to calc the odds of casting a spell based on the number of dice tossed. I have attached the results here as a pdf - the original xls file was 8.8MB (and apparently you can't post xls files...
  8. Fodderboy

    What does the fox say?

    Unless you've been living under a rock or a properly restrained sarcophogas lid, you've been asked this question by the pride of Norway, Ylvis. But where have you had a forum to answer? I think there's no better place than here! To kick things off, I offer two answers as to what 'the fox'...
  9. Fodderboy

    Ignore Thread

    Hey DoN I tend to frequent the Teachihngs of Aborash and Laws of the Night threads, and while some threads I find useful, some I don't. An option to ignore a thread or have it always marked as 'read' so we're not checking the forum just to find that the updated threads are the ones we don't...
  10. Fodderboy

    Some Basic Rules questions

    I apologise if these have been asked (and seem rather basic), but after doing a search I couldn't find an answer - my googlefu may be weak. 1 - If a unit charges another it can see and make some flavour of contact with, but cannot close the door without either unit hitting impassable terrain...
  11. Fodderboy

    Coven Throne vs All of the above

    Hey there. I was just thinking that as a general rule, monsters tend to have lower leadership, and so were more likely to get all emo and damage themselves on our behalf. Which leads me to the question: is there a rare cicumstance (1 to 6^3 ish) where a giant will Yell and Bawl itself and...
  12. Fodderboy

    WTB Coven Throne/Mortis Engine Bits

    Does anyone have the Banshees from the ME or assorted vampiresses and bloodbath from the CT they are willing to part with?
  13. Fodderboy

    2400 Tourney List

    Hey all Some feedback would be appreciated. I have been out of the game for a while, and am looking at gearing up for a tourney next year. I was thinking of running something like this: SGK - Giant Blade, OTS, DBG, RF, QB, LoV Master Necromancer - LoV Vampire - Coven Throne...
  14. Fodderboy

    Doom and Darkness

    If you hit the general with Doom and Darkness, does that mean that every unit under the influence of Inspiring Presence gets the general's Ld-3?
  15. Fodderboy

    Scroll of Shielding vs Remains in Play

    Am I misreading the scroll, or does it remain effective so long as the target unit is under the influence of the spell? Most of the BRB lores wouldn't sniff at it, but if I was playing against VC, I would pop this instead of dispelling Curse of Years until I had scads of dice to spare. Any...
  16. Fodderboy

    Charging Basics

    My apologies if this has already been sorted elsewhere. I did a search and wasn't able to find what I was after, and feared the repercussions upon the fabric of the site due to excessive threadomancy. I haven't played the current edition of WH, so I'm a tad rusty on the rules. Here's the...
  17. Fodderboy

    Skabscrath question

    Is the shriek from the sword a flaming attack? What takes precedence, the BRB or the weapon description?
  18. Fodderboy

    Stupid Buildings

    Does a unit that fails it's Stupidity test leave the building? If so, what direction does it go? I initially thought that a stupid unit would stay in the building, as under Abandoning a Building you can only leave during the Remaining Moves sub-phase, but then there's the following paragraph...
  19. Fodderboy

    Hexwraith drive-bys

    I was just thinking that hexwraiths would be snazzy for taking out plage bearers because they could negate the regen, but then wondered - could you soul stride through and target the herald and really bugger up their day?
  20. Fodderboy

    Army specific songs

    Sorry if this has already been done, but I was wondering if any of you had songs you asscociated with particular armies? For Dark Elves I thought "I hate everything about you" by Ugly Kid Joe For Slaanesh DoC I was thinking "She Ain't Pretty (She Just Looks That Way)" by the Northern Pikes...